Why Self-Care Is Important For Men

Everybody deserves the chance to treat themselves now and then and men are no exception to the rule. There’s a very high chance that the guy in your life, or even you who’s reading this, doesn’t give a second thought as to what they put on their skin or in their hair.

Self-care is a trending topic at the moment, while women complete tasks daily relating to this, for example meditation, face mask or exfoliating, men are less likely to look after themselves. Rather than doing something beneficial, most would prefer to have a beer on the couch while watching the footy.

Self-care should really be introduced to men at a young age, it is important for them to learn good hygiene and how to take care of their skin and scalp. This creates a barrier against long-lasting issues like cystic acne, eczema or dandruff. Do some research on what ingredients, products and brands you should avoid, and those you should have in your cupboard.


It’s been proven that if you focus on taking care of yourself, you’ll feel better too. So, get to it and check out these helpful tips to improve your self-care game.

Clinique is well-known for their moisture surge hydrating products and makeup, but did you know that their men’s line Clinique For Men can be customisable to your specific skin type? This makes it easier for men to shop, allowing them to skip through all the irrelevant products and go straight to those that will combat your skin issues. Whether you’re shopping from very dry to oily, everything is handpicked for you.

Next step, is exfoliating. And yes, this is a biggie. IF you have no clue about what this means, prepare to be shocked. A good exfoliation will physically remove the dead skin cells, dirt and anything else that’s hiding in those pores. La Mer, one of the best luxury skin care brands out there, brings you the Replenishing Oil Exfoliator. Made from sugar crystals and sea salt, this scrub will gently detoxify your skin from impurities and replenish to make it baby soft. Bonus, you get a complimentary sample of the day’s offering with every order. Score.

In terms of a dry and itchy scalp, generally you can trace that back to the ingredients used in your go-to hair care products. If you see parabens or silicones, chuck it out. Instead, change up your routine with Aveda’s Rosemary Mint Hair range for a less harmful approach to those locks. With purifying shampoo and weightless conditioner, your hair will become silky and smooth, without those pesky white flakes.

And if you’re looking to add a little spiff to your routine, jump on the Jo Malone bandwagon. Stocks crave-inducing fragrances in their Men’s Cologne Range, it’s worth the price tag.. To stop smelling like an old man, chuck out that $6.99 bottle of Old Spice, and get your hands on something from the 21st century. It’s scientifically proven that people are attracted to others by their scent. So, for that musky scent you’ve been longing to find, you can’t go past purchasing the Black Cedarwood and Juniper Cologne.

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