Visiting Malta

Malta is a tiny island in the sea of Mediterranean. It is a country with population averaging somewhere between 400 to 500 thousand. As you would have imagined, it’s a pretty small place! It’s also one of the greatest places you’ll ever visit, if you are lucky enough to have the chance to spend some time there. Malta is widely recognized as the mecca of online gambling. There are hundreds of gaming companies registered and the island is filled with foreign nationalities, such as Finnish, Danish, German, Swedish and Norwegians. When you add all the Africans, Italians and English people to the mix, you’ll get a pretty special blend of cultures.


What should I do when I get there?

Well first you should try and survive the taxi trip from the airport to your accommodation. Just kidding, but not really. If you’ve never been in Malta, you’re in for a surprise. The roads are so small that some of the cars have to detach their mirrors in order to navigate through the narrow corridors. This doesn’t seem to affect the taxi drivers who are driving insanely fast regardless the narrow roads!

Once you’re set up comfortably, it’s time to head out from your hotel. Ideally you’d like to spend your vacation in either St.Julians, or in Sliema. Those two are the most popular cities in the whole country. If you’re a party goer, St.Juliens is your obvious choice. If you like a bit more relaxed atmosphere, you could spend your days in Sliema and enjoy the tens of different restaurants in the waterfront. Sliema is like 10 mins bus drive away from St.Julians, so distances isn’t really a problem when spending time in Malta.

The top activities you should be looking out for are definitely: Shopping, Fishing, Relaxing, and visiting the famous restaurants.


Beaches in Malta

To be completely honest, there aren’t that many actual “beaches” in Malta. Of course there are few, but nothing you’d see in France or Spain for example. In Malta, most of the beach are actual made of rock. The swimming places still offers safe places to swim, but remember to check jellyfish warning before entering the water. Jellyfishes aren’t that common in Malta, but if you encounter one, it can cause some uninvited pain for your holiday.

The Casino

Casino Portomaso is located in the heart of St.Julians. It’s surrounded by ALMOST Michelin grade restaurants, such as Blue Elephant for example. Casino Portomaso is a great place to relax and if you want to be close to the action for your whole trip, you should book your room from the Hilton which is neighbors with the Casino.

In case you’re too tired of going in to the actual Casino, you could always take advantage of the tens of online providers residing physically in Malta. You can access their games through The casinos listed on this site are mainly located in Malta and you are of course welcome to play on any of those!

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