3 ingenious ways to become a management god

It’s time to concoct a magical, spectacular balancing act – when you’re a manager, it’s the only hope you’ve got.

Keeping employees on the right track, schmoozing with clients, listening to mind-numbing financial reports, deciding when to make those giant leaps of progress – being a high-flying boss is an endless plate-spinning exercise, but every plate you smash could cost you thousands of pounds.

And for the inexperienced leader, it can all be a bit overwhelming.

But you can’t show fear. Employees are like sharks – they sense when their boss doesn’t know what they’re doing. The worst, laziest workers will exploit a clueless boss to within an inch of business solvency.

With that in mind, how can you maintain composure and skill in your endless managerial balancing act?


Learn the skills

You can read as many inspirational quotes as you like (in fact, we’d recommend it), but little is better than getting hands-on tutelage from knowledgeable pros.

Distance learning offers a handful of business management learning courses that will hone your education to a razor-sharp level.

The cream of the distance learning crop will let you undertake modules on the fly, whenever you can fit them in between those long nine-to-fives.

Think of a qualification as an official mandate from the business gods. Whenever you feel you’re being undermined, you can slap your degree on the table and gain a little bit of extra respect.

First impressions count

When you walk into your new workplace for the first time, do you want to look like a saddening, shrivelling wretch, or a striding, Don Draper-alike?

The answer, unless you’re hoping to make zero impact in your new job, is the latter. If your employees don’t think you know what you’re doing from the off, they’ll undermine you at every turn.

So, before you make your presence felt, wear your finest clothes, get a feel for the workplace and know your duties down to the tiniest minutiae. You’ll soon be delegating tasks with the authority of a super-powered Alan Sugar.


Know your limitations

It was Clint Eastwood who first drawled, “Know your limitations,” and he was bang on the money.

You’ve probably worked with a horrendous know-it-all before – they’ll talk over you, insist their way is the only way and refuse to take any blame for their actions, even when they’ve been caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

The best managers, however, understand that they aren’t all-powerful deities with knowledge up the wazoo. Instead, they utilise the skills of their team to turn their business from rickety contraption to sleek, mean machine.

While you still have to look as though you’re in control, don’t be afraid to let other voices be heard. After all, it’ll make you 10 times the manager you already are.

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