4 Ways to Save Money Around the Home

Saving money is never an easy task – and even less so in this day and age when we are surrounded by amazing marketing strategies that make us want things that we don’t actually need. If you add this to the fact that the economy is not at its most flourishing time either, you realize that saving money feels like an impossible thing to do.

And yet, it is more than doable. In fact, small things you can do around the home can change everything for the health of your piggy bank. Which are the best 4 ways to save money doing simple things? Here they are:


Turn Off the Tap Water

You don’t need to hear the water flowing into your sink each morning when you soap your body, shampoo your hair or brush your teeth. Sure, it may not seem like a lot of water goes down the drain (literally and figuratively), but the truth is that these small amounts add up to make the large difference at the end of the year. Don’t get this wrong, you will most likely not be able to afford going to Belize on the money you save this way, but if you combine this with other money saving tips as well, you will at least be able to afford something more than nice.

Do the Dishes

…Manually, that is. That dishwasher is cool and it works great when you are tired and you just can’t stand the idea of doing that whole mountain of dishes stacked in the kitchen sink on your own. But if you have the time (or simply the willingness), you can really do this yourself. It will use much less energy, it can actually be relaxing and it will get the dishes shiny and clean. Pay attention to the water usage though! As mentioned in the previous tip, turning off the tap when you are not actually using it can go quite a long way. If you faucet, knobs, or sink leak in any way, then you could be wasting more water than you think. Luckily, knobs and even kitchen faucets are fairly easy to replace with a few tools and little repair knowledge. So the next time you look at a stack of dishes, consider washing them by hand rather than enlisting the help of the energy-hungry beast known as the dishwasher.


Don’t Use the Clothes Dryer

Again, there are many appliances that truly make our lives much easier, but you can skip using them every once in a while without any kind of issues. Your clothes dryer, for example, is using much more energy than your actual washing machine (even when it’s an energy-saving model). On the other hand though, line drying your clothes is completely free and it will get the job done (sure, it may take a bit more, but at least they will smell fresh).

Cook at Home

Now, we are not all born to be Gordon Ramsay. But we can all scrap something to eat even when we are not excellently skilled in the kitchen. With the access to information we have these days (please meet our common friend, YouTube), you can really, really learn a lot about cooking. Aside from the fact that it is a much healthier eating option and that you will most likely learn to love doing it, it is also a much less expensive alternative than take-outs, orders and eating out.

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