5 Reasons You Should Consider a Career Change

Like it or not, we all have to earn our living somehow (or at least the vast majority of the people out there have to do this). However, choosing a career is not always as easy as it may feel at first. Even more than that, there’s nothing to say that pursuing a particular career is something you will be doing for the rest of your life.

Specialists say that people who are now in their 20s and 30s will change careers at least a couple of times in their lives. Which are the reasons that may push someone into such a drastic change? We have put together 5 of the most commonly encountered ones:


You Got Into the Wrong Career from the Very Beginning

We are not all fortunate enough to actually choose our careers. Maybe you got a particular job because that’s what you could find back when you were job hunting and needed money to pay rent. Maybe someone in your family helped you. Whatever it was, you are definitely “allowed” to switch your career – this time, for something of your own choice.

You Blindly Got Into a Career

Some people go for particular careers without fully knowing what they mean. For instance, maybe you thought the Wall Street world is glamorous and opulent and you thought of becoming a broker. You studied the matter, you landed on a job and, after a while you realized that this is just not for you. Many people in this kind of situation will change careers simply because they don’t want to get swept into a lifetime of doing something they don’t enjoy.

You Are Interested in a Growing Field

Back when you were a high school senior picking your college, you did not know how things would change over the course of the following decade. But now you realize you are interested in a field that did not even exist when you had your “chance”. Should you continue doing what you do or should you change to a career in the new field you are interested in? It’s your pick, but before you do it make sure your interest is genuine and that you are ready to work your way through the new career.


You Never Followed Your “Calling”

Some people are born with extraordinary talents, but don’t get into a career focusing on their talent because they are afraid they will not make a living out of it or because they were forced into choosing something else. Some people in this situation spend decades wondering “what if…?” and finally make the decision to switch their careers to something they would actually enjoy.

You Want to Do Something Meaningful

Last, but not least, another very commonly encountered reasons people consider changing their careers is related to the fact that they want to do something meaningful. Maybe they want to help other people. Or maybe they want to stop working for other people. If you are one of them and if you are thinking of a career change, go for it but do make sure to plan things ahead!

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