Best Subjects to Study for a Good Paying Job

Picking the subjects you should study in college can be a tremendous deal. On the one hand, you will want to enjoy your college years and have fun, so you will naturally lean towards the easiest subjects you can choose. On the other hand though, you will also have to think of your future and of how the subjects you choose now can influence it.

How do you actually know which of the subjects are better for your future though?

Since your employability after graduation should be one of the most important factors when making this decision, we have put together a list of some of the best subjects you should study if you want to get a good paying job after college.



Most likely, you saw this coming too. But what you probably didn’t think very well about is related to the fact that not all engineers are the same. According to the latest studies out there, petroleum engineers are the ones who are more likely to make the most money (with a starting salary at around $103,000 and with a mid-career salary of around $160,000!). So, if you feel that you could do this, definitely go for it because your investment (time-wise and money-wise) will pay off soon.

As for the other types of engineering, nuclear engineering and chemical engineering appear to be very well paid as well (with a starting salary ranging between $67,000 and $68,000 and with a mid-career salary ranging between $115,000 and $117,000). As for computer engineering, do go for it if you are passionate about it because it will still bring you financial stability (studies show that a beginner computer engineer makes somewhere around $65,000 and reaches about $103,000 towards the middle of his/her career).

Mathematics and Physics

Mathematics and physics can land you on other jobs than teaching as well, so if you do like these subjects, don’t hesitate to go for them. These days, it seems that actuarial mathematics graduates make quite some money out there (with an entry-level annual salary of about $58,000, but with a mid-career salary that reaches about $120,000).

Applied mathematics graduates are also high paid too, with entry-level salaries of approximately $52,800 and with mid-career salaries of about $96,000. As for physicians, studies show that they will make about $53,000 as beginners, but that they will also make much more towards the middle of their career since their annual salary can reach $101,000.


International Relations and Philosophy

If you want to lean towards the less exact sciences, International Relations seems to be one of the best subjects you can go after. Research shows that people with such a degree in their hand can make about $41,000 as beginners, but that their salary will more than double by the middle of their career, with the possibility of making about $85,000.

As for those of you who want to plunge even deeper into humanities, philosophy appears to be one of the highest-paying degrees these days (with an entry-level salary of about $39,000 and with a mid-career one of about 78,000).

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