Careers That Will Not Really Feel Like Work

Maybe you’re in your final few years of school and thinking about what you can do for your career. Perhaps you have been working for a few years, but are sick of feeling bored at work and resenting when Monday rolls around. Either way, there are more interesting careers out there, many of which are much more fun. Chances are you’ve heard the expression if you do a job you love, you’ll never have to work one day in your life. Here are some suggestions for fun careers that will not leave you counting down the minute to Friday each week:

Sport’s Betting:
Are you a super fan of a particular sport’s team? Do you know the ins and outs of their plays, feel confident enough to put money on it? Well you may be surprised to find this can be a really fun way to make money, whether as a hobby or something a little more serious. This does take a decent amount of research, so is best suited to someone who is already super passionate about sports or just loves a little thrill. Check out some betting reviews on Betting Top 10 to get inspired!


It’s crazy to think you can make a full salary from Youtube, but it’s probably more common than you think. You can make videos about gaming, daily vlogs which are videos about your day-to-day adventures, or make up videos. Many of the YouTube Gurus at the top of the game are pulling in millions of dollars a year, which is a pretty tidy salary. Of course there’s a lot of competition at the top, but I’ve seen many channels transform from unknown to half a million subscribers in just a year. The great thing about starting a YouTube Channel
is that the start up costs are so low!


I personally love being a blogger and it’s possible to earn an income from a blog. Many bloggers start out by blogging as a side hustle – while they have another job. They use the blogging income to reinvest in their business and as extra income alongside their salary. Many bloggers have been able to create incredible businesses from their blogs, namely Making Sense of Cents who now makes around one million dollars a year just from her blog.

Whatever you choose to pursue, ensure it’s something you’ll enjoy because the simple fact is that you’ll spend a lot of your life in the “office” so make it one that you love!

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