Checking in with your yearly goals

Wow, can you guys believe it’s almost May? Where has this year gone? When I realised we were already in mid April, I decided I really needed to take a look at my New Year’s resolutions to see how I’m doing!

Here are some of my resolutions, and my progress so far:

Losing weight

Losing weight has been an uphill battle for me. Sitting down all day doesn’t help. When I was in Thailand I didn’t have a kitchen, so unfortunately that meant I was stuck eating out most of the time. We all know that isn’t great for your waistline. While I was doing a lot of working out, I stacked on the muscle but didn’t really lose much fat. I also had some dental issues and ended up consoling myself with food (yeah, super healthy).

But now, I’m doing IIFYM. If you guys haven’t heard of this, you should take a look. Basically, you get a set number of calories, with goals for protein, carbs, and fat. You can eat anything you like, as long as it fits within those macros. I’m finding it pretty good so far, although it’s definitely a case of getting used to weighing all my food! I’ll keep you updated.


Making more money

This is something that has been one of the main focuses of my life. Because I’m constantly moving between countries, I end up continually back at square one and paying for apartment deposits, flights, and more. So I’ve really been creative lately and have been trying a bunch of different things to get some more money in the door. One thing I like to do is to play online roulette. I wouldn’t suggest making this your only stream of income, but it’s a fun thing to do in your free time and a chance to win some money while enjoying yourself.

I’ve also been working a lot. It has been a bit hard to stay motivated since I’m not really loving what I’m doing right now, but I know I need to build up some savings so I can relax a little more and go after the jobs I really want to do.

Taking time off

You guys know that this has been a big one for me. When I’m not feeling motivated at work, I’ll slack off a bit through the week and then end up working through the weekends. Then I end up feeling unmotivated and burnt out through the week, and the cycle repeats itself.

Unfortunately, I continue to do this. This weekend, I’ve decided that I’ll work Saturday morning and that’s it. Anything that doesn’t get done by mid-day Saturday will need to wait until Monday, and I’m sure the world won’t fall apart! It’s so crucial to take time to relax and unwind guys, so if this is something you’re struggling with, I feel ya!

How are you going with your yearly goals so far?

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