How to Give Your Business an Upmarket Look

Imagine standing in an office supply store: it’s loud and glary, lit by harsh fluorescents and decked with garish signage. Now, imagine taking a seat in an elegant armchair in the lobby of an expensive hotel with a domed ceiling, marble floors, fiddle-leaf figs in generous glazed pots, and plenty of natural light flowing in through floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Wouldn’t you rather be in this pleasant, elegant space than a generic store? An upmarket look creates an atmosphere that will attract high-end customers.

But how can you pick the perfect combination of design elements that will attract your ideal clientele? Whether you’re starting a new business or refurbishing your existing business, expert shopfitters can help you to create a look that’s refined and elegant. But, before you book a design consultation, you need to gather a few ideas. Read on to discover four tips to help you give your business an upmarket look.


Hire an Expert

Upmarket glamour means something different in every setting. In retail, glamour includes an element of bling, like a crystal chandelier or glossy mosaic tiles, whereas in a corporate setting, glamour is all about understated elegance with clean lines and a mix of steel and natural fibres. You may know your own unique point of view when it comes to stationery and your website, but when it comes to giving your business premises an upmarket look, do you know what style suits your business? For the best results, hire an expert company like TU projects to create an elegant atmosphere by designing and installing unique, glamorous custom joinery, signage, and furniture.

Colour Your World

When deciding on your colour scheme, it is important that you stay away from garish colours that will make your business seem generic or cheap. A calm, subdued colour palette is typical of upmarket professional spaces. However, a single bold colour can work well in a few select businesses, such as design agencies or retail spaces. You should reserve bright colours for small accents, such as in an artwork or cushions that add a pop of colour.


Add Some Texture

Most upmarket looks are a blend of green products or natural fibres and a contrasting element, such as steel or glass. Just like colour, you should stick to a neutral palette, adding a contrasting texture for warmth and interest.

Let There Be Light

Harsh fluorescents can make your interior seem cheap, and overly dimmed lighting is too intimate for most business spaces. Accessing natural light or installing lighting that mimics natural lighting – such as LEDs that simulate warm, yellow sunlight – are the best choices for most upmarket looks. But remember that your lighting plan should blend with the rest of your look. If you’ve gone for natural fibres and accent plants, wooden pendant lights would work well as feature or spot lighting. If you have more of a rococo glamour with gilt mirrors and ornate detail, a chandelier or two would add to the elegance. For a modern scheme with chrome and glass, recessed lighting can support the minimalism of your scheme with a more expensive feel than traditional downlights.

What business spaces inspire you? Do you have any other tips for creating an upmarket atmosphere? Please feel free to share and swap ideas in the comments section below.

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