Love the finance industry? Here are some top jobs to consider

The finance industry has long had a history of attracting ambitious, energetic people looking for career opportunities. Overall, the compensation and benefits are often more generous than other sectors, and there are many opportunities for advancement and chances to branch out into new sectors.

In this industry, you’ll usually need some type of credential. This can range from a BA to an MBA or qualifications from Simply Academy.

If you’re considering working in the finance industry, here are some top jobs to consider:

Investment Banking

When you work in investment banking, you’ll usually work with governments, corporations, and other large financial institutions. You’ll be advising them about their financial strategies or helping them raise capital. Often, you’ll begin as a generalist in investment banking and then move into a particular industry or sector   time.

You’ll find these jobs available with a large number of institutions, particularly the largest global investment banks. You may end up working in mergers and acquisitions, underwriting, private equity, venture capital, and more.


Trading Jobs

These types of careers will typically involve selling and buying commodities, currencies, bonds, stocks, and other investment instruments. This is because you’re facilitating a request or need from a customer, or you’re hoping to benefit from expected movements in the market yourself. This can be a challenging and at times stressful job, however it can also be hugely rewarding and exciting.

Financial Advisor

This is probably likely to be the type of job you think of when you’re thinking about the finance industry. This term can apply to many different jobs, and you’ll work closely with clients. Often, these firms will have hubs in major cities like London and New York, however you may even be able to work remotely. This sector includes small brokerage firms, large brokerage firms, and independent registered advisors.

Analytical Jobs

This job takes a big picture approach. If you choose to be a financial analyst, you’ll be examining and observing broad areas of the markets and economy so you can find major trends. This career represents a large number of areas of focus and different jobs. If you enjoy tracking trends, analyzing data, and making opinions based on those trends regarding the markets, this could be the career for you.

Financial analyst jobs will typically involve public speaking, writing, and a lot of work using spreadsheet applications like Excel.

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