New Job? How to dress well at work

As someone who works at home, my office wear usually consists of pyjamas or sweatpants. It’s a hard life, but someone’s got to live it. But I recently thought about what would happen if I was to get a 9-5 job in an office, and realised that I would need to go on a massive shopping spree.

If you’ve recently gotten a new job, and have no idea what to wear, don’t worry. I’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Here are some tips for dressing well at work:

Plan Ahead

There’s nothing worse than running late, opening your closet, and realising you don’t have a thing to wear. Looking good requires planning ahead, and it’ll save you stress in the morning if you already have your clothes out ready to go. It will also mean you won’t be frantically trying to iron your only clean blouse or finding pantyhose that aren’t snagged.

Check your fit

Clothing that doesn’t fit simply doesn’t look good. And while perfectly-fitting clothes can cost an arm and a leg, it’s possible to find a great tailor who can alter your office essentials to give you a professional look.

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Keep it simple

Heed the words of Coco Chanel when it comes to your accessories. Take a look in the mirror and remove one accessory or piece of jewellery before you leave.

Too many accessories can be distracting, and less is more when you’re hoping to look well-put-together.

Wear underwear that fits

I know, you may not have assumed that your underwear would have anything to do with your work clothes, but it turns out it does. (I was surprised too.) Finding an underwear brand that makes you feel great and flatters your body is important, and it will change the way your clothes fit. Plus, constantly shrugging your shoulders to get some relief from annoying bra straps does not make you look like a professional.

Show your personality

Just because you’re going to an office doesn’t mean you need to wear a pantsuit every day. Instead, pick clothes that make a statement- just keep accessories to a minimum. Look for fun playsuits and jumpsuits, a great pair of bright heels, a funky pair of pants, or an interesting sweater to look stylish at work.

Invest in the Basics

While trends come and go, some staples will always be seen in the workplace, and this is where you should invest your money. Look for some safe basics that you can rotate and use all year. You’ll need a flattering white button-down shirt, black trousers, a black blazer, a pencil skirt, neutral trousers, and an office-appropriate A-line dress. Brighten things up with some great accessories.

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