Productive Moms at Home – A Must!

The pandemic has made working at home the new normal for professionals. The new normal has disrupted our usual ways of managing the tasks at work and at home since both are already existing in just one place – our home. 

Together with the new adjustments that employees need to have, there are also several distractions and temptations at home that will take away our drive to work while at home. 

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Here are some things that you need to do in order to stay productive while working at home: 

Limit your social media activities during work hours. If you can’t avoid it, at least minimize the time you are spending on social networks. You might think that it would not hurt to hold your phone and scroll down on your social media accounts and check your regular updates and engagements. The next thing you know, you no longer have enough time to finish your daily tasks. 

Unless your work requires you to be on social media, then hold that urge to check your phone while at work. Besides, it would feel much better if you are able to spend time in your social media realm if you have already completed your task before you start scrolling down.

Do your tasks in segments. Do not just face all of them in just one go. You need to just do your task at a time. This will enable you to focus all your energy on one specific project, without being distracted by other concerns on your other tasks for the day. Multi-tasking is a handy skill, but not if you have jumbled everything on your plate and you’ve never satisfactorily completed any task.

Schedule your day and prioritize your task. Your planning and organizing skills will play a big role in this. Follow a schedule and make sure you put your priority tasks to be the first in your list that you need to finish. This way, you can efficiently use your energy and be able to stretch it for the entire day, minimizing any negative effects on your work output.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether it be from your colleagues or your family members at home. Make sure that you utilize all the help that you can get, so you can finish more tasks for the day. It will not make you less of a woman if you asked help from your superiors. It only shows that you are not pretending to know everything about what you are doing. 

Don’t forget to spend time with family after work. After a long day at work, you still have to go out of your office from a room in your house and deal with your home chores. Before you cap off the night, make sure that you spend good quality time with your kids and your husband, and even your pet. Bonding with them can help you relieve your daily stress and even turn your bad day around before you go to sleep, so you will have a fresh new day when you wake up the next morning. Or maybe in the weekend, you can make it a bonding moment to unbox and install your personalized last name signs!

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