Sailing away

There exists within many of us: a strong affinity with the sea. Whilst many of us are unsure why – maybe it is due to the myth that we originally evolved from sea creatures, once upon a time.

All we know for sure is that when we’re beside the sea we feel a real sense of calm, as well as one of optimism. The sea itself signifies foreign lands, adventure, the chance to explore the world and to find yourself in the process.

The sound of the surf crashing against the shore, the gulls swooping overhead, the smell of salt in the air, the wind blowing through your hair: there’s nothing quite like it.


For many professionals with a past working at sea, the best years of their lives were those that involved sailing on the ocean and being onboard a ship.  However, a life at sea can be tough, gruelling and mentally difficult. But when all is said and done: incredibly rewarding. You will learn vital life skills and develop as a person greatly.

What many individuals fail to realise is the sheer amount of job possibilities available at sea – not everyone at sea is a fisherman. There are huge oil tankers, commercial ships, cruise boats, military craft and many more. There is also a wide variety of jobs and specialism’s available on the ocean – these can include:

  • Deck officer
  • Engineer
  • Marine-electro technical officers
  • Chef

…Along with a number of other opportunities which are available today.


If you still like the idea of the maritime industry but would prefer to be based on shore, for whatever reason, then the possibilities are just as varied. Within this sector there are many roles in which you can get involved in, including:

  • Ship brokering and insurance
  • Maritime law and insurance
  • Ship repair and maintenance
  • Education and training in a maritime college
  • Port and harbour management
  • Becoming a pilot

There are many careers at sea with Warsash Maritime Academy available today. In order to get a clearer understanding of each one, you can take a look at their website and find out a little more information about each industry.

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