Subtle ways to keep your clients on board

Getting clients on board is a difficult job on its own, although it doesn’t mean they will stay. With such market differentiation and competition, concentrating only on your product development won’t guarantee you success if you ignore the customer.

Customer loyalty is crucial for a long-term business success. Efficiently managing and maintaining good relationships with your clients enables you to concentrate on your growth and development as a business. Moreover, good client relationships are one of the most successful marketing techniques, ensuring the spread of your company’s audience.

Maintaining quality relationships with your clients can be problematic though, since every customer demands excellent services and customer support. Thus, the growing amount of clients gets difficult to handle within time, since they all require a sufficient amount of attention.

To ensure the productivity of your office and good quality of your customer relationships, it is important that you make good use of the current systems. A quick and effective solution is to get a quality customer relationship management (CRM) system to deal with your client needs and keep track of a growing amount of your customer database. Using CRM software not only saves you time, but helps you avoid misunderstandings with your clients. There are a couple of simple rules to bear in mind while trying to balance a healthy client relationship; read on to find out about each of them now.


1. Keep your contacts in one place

Many professions have a ‘black book of contacts’ and so should you. Keeping all of your crucial contacts in one place is a successful technique used by many, although it is not always enough to keep their contact details. Background details about your client, their jobs and tasks should be kept in one place. Establishing a CRM system, like the solution available from Act! in your office can help you do just that! Keeping your customer list together provides easy and quick access to the information about them. Also, it enables you to reach that information at all times, at a click of a button.

2. Keep in touch

General newsletters are only useful for reminding your customers about your existence. With all of your client information in one place, you can strategize your points of contact and establish relevant and coherent information flow to your clients. More accurate and relevant mailshots sent to your clients will ensure they are more likely to remain interested in your company. Personalised strategies might not be as time efficient as a newsletter, but they can help you establish long-term quality clients, who will keep coming back for more!


3. Make it personal

Take the client relationship one step further by making it more personal. Not only will this give you more details about the client, it will enable you to maintain a strong relationship, which is not going to crumble on hard times. These strategies can be time consuming, but personal account managers should be used to make them as effective as possible. They remember you by name, they know all of the information about you, and you don’t need to explain everything to them anymore. Would you not come back for that?

4.Keep jobs updated!

Unfortunately, business is not monogamy. Therefore, keeping in touch and on track with every client of yours is an enormous task. Even managing your main customers and maintaining their jobs and relationships is a difficult task, but once there is a growing amount of clients the task becomes more difficult to handle. Utilising software which can handle your jobs and designate them to relevant team members allows you to work more productively as a business, as well as an individual. Also, it can potentially lower your stress levels!

In short, having a quality CRM system in place will ensure that your tasks, calendars and meetings with your clients are designated and dealt with much more effectively!


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