Taking Your Nursing Career to the Next Level

Many nurses started their careers as CNAs, orderlies and even doctor office receptionists prior to continuing their schooling and graduating as licensed and registered certified nurses. Even after obtaining a degree in nursing, members of this field have more options. Completing either doctor of nurse practitioner programs or DNP executive leadership programs online can lead to jobs in hospital administration, or increased supervisory responsibilities. As an experienced nurse, plenty of medical companies are going to want to offer you a position. At Bradley University, nursing students can take their careers to the next level by making just a couple of minor changes.


Adding to Your Areas of Expertise

Are you a nurse who has spent the majority of your career working in the neonatal unit? While you should absolutely continue to work within the areas of medicine in which you excel, expanding your horizons can aid in upgrading your career. Consider working in the intensive care unit, or collaborating with patient services the next time a facility wide event is going to take place. You don’t have to stop doing what you love as a nurse, but you can add more to your repertoire and not have to take away from what you feel most comfortable with.

Expanding Your Scope of Work

Another way to take a career that hasn’t taken off to a higher level is to expand upon what you already do. Nurses can obtain their nurse practitioner doctorate degrees, and then become educators in the nursing field with ease. If you expand the scope of the kind of nursing work you are trained to perform, you will actually be able to instruct nursing student hopefuls. Being an educator in the medicine field enables teachers to learn about ongoing medical research as it develops, helping nursing students to prepare for a day and age when technology and medicine will be even more interconnected. After you already have a nursing degree, expanding on your education isn’t nearly as difficult as starting over from scratch.


Offer Consulting Services

Seasoned nurses that have years of experience are very high in demand, with employers being willing to pay relocation fees to hire the best staff. Since nursing is in demand, those with great credentials can choose where and how they want to support themselves. Becoming a nurse consultant will allow you to gain a lot of clout in the nursing field, because you will be regarded as an expert. Additionally, nursing consultants are employed in much more than the medical industry. Being a consultant will allow you to create your own schedule, work in whatever part of the world is most appealing to you, and most important, set your own pay scale. Remember that novice nurses and nursing students still in school aren’t able to work as nursing consultants, so take advantage of the opportunity to offer your consulting services whenever they are asked.

Trained nurses are as critical as doctors, only they work with patients around the clock to ensure that they are always comfortable and properly cared for. If you want to become a nurse that leaves behind a legacy, you will need to take your career further. Find out whether you want to become trained in more areas of critical care, work as an educator or begin work as a nursing consultant to expand your career

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