This infographic reveals important information about young workers

Young workers are crucial to the workplace. As older workers retire, young workers fill the gaps and keep small businesses and large corporations running. But did you know that young workers are also the most likely age group to suffer from workplace accidents?

A recent study revealed that 70% of young workers say that their workplace is a health hazard. And when we compare young people to the national average, it turns out that 67% of employees between the ages of 16 and 29 are more likely to have had a workplace injury compared to the national average. 23% of them have been hospitalised.

These types of injuries range greatly. 26% of them were cuts, while 25% were broken bones. In 10% of cases, workers lost a limb or body part, and poor hygiene makes the issue much worse than it needs to be. 47% of respondents said that they’ve gotten sick from their place of work, and 24% said they ended up with a bug or food poisoning due to bad hygiene in their workplace.


There are also a number of different causes of workplace accidents. 36% were due to slippery floors, while 17% was unsafe lifting of heavy items. 15% blamed their illness or injury on unhealthy colleagues, while 14% said that the facilities were unhygienic. 12% were dealing with defective equipment, and a huge 11% said that there was no health and safety protection at all.

10% said they were using unsatisfactory tools in order to carry out the job, and 10% blamed a lack of health and safety warnings for their accident.

These statistics are incredibly worrying. Workers of all age should be able to go to work and feel safe, knowing that they’re not going to get hurt due to poor hygiene or safety, or someone else’s negligence.

While workplace accidents are never ok, one of the worst parts is that while employers have a duty of care to workers, many of these employers just ignore this, which leaves younger workers especially vulnerable.

Of the under 29s who were injured in the workplace, over 1 in 5 said that there was no action taken after they were injured. Younger workers also hesitate to get help, and may not be aware of the actions available to them. Less than a quarter of the young workers hurt ended up getting legal advice after their injury.

For young people who get injured at work, one of the first steps they should take is to look at an injury compensation calculator. The average payout for young people injured at work was £31,924. This can cover a lot of expenses that occurred due to the accident.

For this reason, it’s crucial that young people know their rights in the workplace. If more young people were to take legal action after suffering from workplace accidents, employers would be more motivated to reduce accidents and help staff after the occur.

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