Tips for saving money on everyday expenses

The cost of living has gone up and up with wages staying the same. This is making it difficult for singles, couples and families to cover just the costs of everyday living, let alone save. To help cut the cost of living, use these tips to help save money on everyday expenses.


 Buy a smaller car

The cost of petrol has more then doubled over the last ten years, and it’s not going to be going down anytime soon. If you drive a car with big gas guzzling engine then you will be spending a fortune each week on petrol alone. There are some great new small cars on the market, like the Ford Fiesta and Focus, that have much smaller engines and are fuel-efficient. This will help save a lot of money in your weekly petrol costs.

 Don’t be afraid of public transport

A lot of people have a strong aversion to public transport, but if you are someone who drives to work on a daily basis then you will be spending a fortune in not only petrol, but parking fees too. Calculate your currently weekly cost of getting to and from work, and then find out how much it is on public transport. You might be surprised at just how much you can save on a weekly basis. If public transport isn’t your thing then look into car pooling options with your work colleagues.


 Buy generic brands

Grocery store generic brands are extremely good quality and offer a great cost saving to your weekly grocery bill. By simply switching from “labeled” brand to these generic brands your everyday household can save $30 to $50 a week. That’s a big saving over the year. Some countries even have generic brand supermarkets like Aldi, where everything is their own brand and offered at super low prices.

Look for ways to reduce your power consumption

Not only is reducing power consumption a lot friendlier on the planet but it can save a lot of money on bills too. Switch off your lights when out or not using them, turn power points off at the wall, and only use central heating/air conditioning when necessary.


Shop around for telecommunication deals

Due to fierce competition there are great deals on the market for phone and internet plans. There are some great price comparison sites on the internet that will show where the best deals are. Don’t be afraid either to tell your current provider you are switching to the competition, and they may even offer you a better deal.


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