Where to find the stories that get you through a day

With the dawn of the Internet age there came a fantastic explosion in online news content and in websites publishing stories covering every conceivable topic. In an age now long past you would have been stuck with whatever was on television, but this has all changed: with an endless list of sources to pick from there is plenty of websites that serve up the stories that will get you through the day.

Countless stories, all free to read

Best of all, the vast majority of news stories on the Internet are available free of charge. You have at your disposal a mountain of material to keep you busy and to relieve moments of boredom. Whether you need to take a break from work, or find yourself waiting at the airport, the Internet’s amazing catalogue of news stories will always keep you busy. In fact, some websites publish content intent on doing just that: avoiding that sense of boredom through the day.

Internet news sites come in all forms and shapes – from the classic, decades old providers of news to the hip and recently famous. Depending on your topic of choice an old and established source might be the way to go, while the newer news sites that were started and shaped by the Internet can offer the hottest stories in an easy to read fashion.


The important stuff: current affairs

Let’s face it, current affairs do not always make for the most entertaining news stories, but it’s important that you stay up to date with what is happening in this country and in the world at large. You could opt to read news on one of the classic print news websites such as Newsweek, visit the site of a television news channel such as CNN or opt for an internet-only outlet like the Huffington Post.

Any of these news organizations would provide you with your fill of current affairs stories – whether politics, economics or weather. While not necessarily the most entertaining of stories there is something to be said for staying at the cutting edge of the world’s most important news events.

Entertainment industry and celebrity buzz

Nothing relieves boredom like a saucy celebrity story – people in show biz act as entertainment on screen and off. Famous television network E! serves up a daily dish of delicious celebrity stories, while the always-on-the-scene TMZ is a must read for the latest in celebrity news, guaranteed to make you giggle with laughter or shout with horror. Whether your topic of choice is the publicly visible life of the Kardashians, Paris Hilton’s secrets or the explosive separation of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, celebrity news sites are a good bet for filling a boring moment in the day.


Humor and funny stories

Real news can simply be too serious for the moment, and that’s where the web’s excellent humorous websites step in: you’re consigned to cheering up your day. Funny stories are the perfect fit for the day’s tedious moments, millions of internet users switch to reading funny news stories to make getting through the day just a little bit easier. Even though people’s taste in comedy varies widely, there’s humor on the Internet for everyone – from the overly crass to the refined and the read-between-the-lines.

If you’re a cartoon lover you will find plenty to peek at while there’s an endless variety of GIF and video sites that dish up visual entertainment. If indeed reading itself is simply too tedious you can opt for the lighthearted games and interactive websites that minimize thinking – and maximize the entertainment factor.

Sports events and personalities

Possibly one of the most searched categories on the Internet – everyone loves their sports news. Be it football, basketball or hockey this nation’s citizens love to be in the loop with their favorite sport. You’re spoiled for choice of course, whether you’re after the latest scores, in-depth analysis or news on the sports personalities themselves.

One of the first stops for sports news would be an aggregator such as Yahoo Sport, which is a true one-stop shop for news on sports events and their participants. ESPN is of course the famous cable channel and their online presence is not to be missed for lovers of sports. However, whether you’re reading on the professional level or the College level, small independent blogs such as the Bleacher Report can be an excellent choice for hard to find facts.



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