Why 2015 is the Year to Make Your Next Career Change

The year is almost at an end, so what better time to start thinking about a fresh start and a fresh you? Many people get stuck in the routine, the comfort and the regularity of their old lives and their old jobs, but it might not necessarily be what you want to be doing. As the New Year rolls around it’s the perfect time to dust off those old dreams, and those old ideas, and make your next career change. Below are some great reasons as to why you shouldn’t wait any longer.

Knowledge Abundance

The world has moved forward in strides when it comes to the availability of further education. Not only can you study full time or part time at university, but there is also a huge range of accessible online or distance education options now available through sites such as www.evocca.edu.au to fit in with whatever your lifestyle might be. If you are thinking about a complete career change, getting the relevant qualifications behind you will push to ahead more quickly.


Industry Expansion

People in the workforce today are lucky to be so spoilt for choice when it comes to the types of employment available. Take advantage of this! Gone are the days when jobs were much more gender orientated and industries like IT, graphic design and event management didn’t even exist. There are also plenty of options and support out there for people wanting to start up their own small business. So if your dream job isn’t available right now, make one up and start from there.

The Happy Wagon

A happy you means a happy life and a happy world around you. You might not be unhappy in your current employment, but there could definitely be the chance to be even more balanced and fulfilled in your next position. By putting off a career change you may have been thinking about for a few years now, you are only delaying jumping aboard your own happy wagon in the process. And the longer you wait to step into a career that brings out your best self, the more likely it is that you’ll never do it. 2015 is your year!


Age Becomes You

Okay, so you might not be anything close to being old yet, and after all, you are only as old as you feel. But even if you are getting to the later stages of your life, this should give you even more incentive to work in an industry or business that you have always wanted to be involved in. Years pass by too quickly, so why not jump in the deep end and move forward with them in 2015.

New Year resolutions happen every year, all around the world, but they are rarely followed through on. Life seems to start again and fall very quickly into its same old routine when January hits; 2015 is the year to make sure that doesn’t happen. Get started now with your list, your positive attitude and you’ll breeze into a new career and a new you in no time.

What are your biggest reservations when it comes to a career change in the New Year? Discuss your answers below.

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