Medical Card Regulation For States That Legalize Cannabis

Many people contact us wondering how they can get a medical cannabis card in California. We are happy to share the medical card rules for marijuana with you. What you should really be concerned with first is receiving a doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana.

Medical Marijuana ID Card or Doctor’s Recommendation?

In California, you don’t have to carry a medical marijuana ID card. You simply need a recommendation from a doctor to purchase and carry medical marijuana, and you will have to show this recommendation to dispensaries if you wish to buy cannabis for medicine. Since California legalized access to medical cannabis in 1996, through Proposition 215, doctors have been giving patients recommendations for a medicine that could offer effective and a more gentle approach.


You’re not Getting a Prescription

You might find it interesting that doctors can’t prescribe medical marijuana; they may only give a recommendation for it. This is due to the fact that medical marijuana is still illegal under United States federal law. What you get when you talk with a doctor about taking medical marijuana is advice and consent to use marijuana to treat your ailment.

What You’ll Need to Purchase Medical Marijuana

In California, medical marijuana dispensaries can only accept a doctor’s recommendation in written letter form, which must be on a 8.5’’ x 11’’ piece of paper that has the date, your name, your patient ID number, and an expiration date (you have to renew your recommendation each year). This letter must also include the physician’s signature, an embossed seal, and a way for a dispensary to verify the recommendation (either by phone or online). A recommending doctor also typically gives a Medical Marijuana Identification Card (MMID) to a patient, but this is simply for the benefit of being able to easily offer an explanation in certain scenarios. It does not provide proof of a doctor’s recommendation.

To find out about medical card regulations for states other than California, it’s a good idea to contact that state’s health department. If you already have your medical marijuana recommendation in California or you need help getting a recommendation so you can get cannabis delivery, contact Green Door West. We help people get marijuana delivery in West Los Angeles and in most parts of Los Angeles County, and we assist individuals in obtaining a doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana as well.

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