4 Health Lessons from Celeb Fitness Fanatics

Celebrities are part and parcel of everyday life.  Apart from seeing them in movies or shows and listening to their music, they influence some of our decisions knowingly or unknowingly. One area where their influence is profound is fitness. This piece takes a look at some health lessons from Celeb fitness fanatics.

Pregnancy shouldn’t stand in the way of fitness

This is an important health lesson from Jenna Fischer.  Her pregnancy did not stop her from keeping fit because she perfectly understands the need to stay in shape.  Under the right guidance, a fitness regime can be very beneficial to both mother and child.  It is important however, to never stray out of approved fitness regimes at this point. There are many examples of pregnant women running races and engaging in other highly tasking regimes.


Ignore imperfections

There are many cases where people embark on rigorous training sessions in order to deal with specific bodily imperfections. However, Fischer once again admonishes you to simply laugh off those imperfections. The ultimate goal for any fitness regime should be to stay fit.

Don’t make excuses

Most of the time, there are handy excuses that can keep you from achieving your fitness goals. From being too busy to not having funds for fitness equipment, there is no searching for these excuses. Bollywood actor Hirthik however says you can accomplish your fitness goals if you really want to. He had to pause a film project for eight weeks to be able to shed weight and become fit enough to take on various demanding roles. According to Hrithik, a good tip is to remind yourself of what your excess weight may be denying you. Can’t put on swimwear? Can’t go hiking with the family because you can’t keep up?  These problems are the springboard you need to snap out of the excuse cycle. If you can’t buy costly equipment, why not rent or shop for used equipment?


Seek Support

Actor John Abraham is well known for his dashing physique. However, time and again he slips into habits that force him to gain more weight. When this sets in John quickly calls in a fitness expert to provide him with the right dose of motivation.  If you are unable to afford a fitness expert, you can look for someone else in your shoes to form a team.

There is plenty of advice online to help you get in shape whether it be from your healthcare provider as part of their service, or from another trusted medical source.


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