7 fitness fanatic gift ideas

Do you have a fitness fanatic on your Christmas gift list? Finding the perfect gift can often times be tricky, especially if you are not an active person yourself, but the fitness world is ripe with gift ideas that will make anyone jump with holiday glee. Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Protein powder

Protein powder is a great idea when you don’t know what to get for the fitness fanatic in your life. Supplements including protein power can be purchased at a retailer like Fitness Market. They stock plenty of varieties to suit any taste and fitness goal, so there’s bound to be something they like!


Shaker bottle

Any fitness fanatic will tell you that there is no such thing as having too many shaker bottles. They probably have them stashed all over their house, inside their car, and hidden in their gym bag. A shaker bottle is a great gift idea because you can personalise the design to suit any personality – find one with a funny quote, in a pretty colour, or maybe get one custom-printed with their name.

Utility belt

Fitness utility belts are a popular gift idea, especially for those who like to travel light but still with their necessities. Utility belts streamline to the body and have pockets to stow a phone, keys, ID, and quick cash, for no one wants to carry around multiple items in their pockets when working out. Belts are hands free and are designed to look nothing like bum bags.


Resistance band set

Resistance bands are a useful fitness tool for those who spend a lot of time travelling, or are unable to get to a gym. Resistance bands come in several sizes and intensities to suit different muscle groups and fitness levels. Bands are easy to stow and toss in a bag for quick use later on.

Heart rate monitor

Heart rate is another data set that fitness fanatics go crazy for. A monitor would be a perfect addition to any holiday wish list. Many models now offer GPS, stopwatch, and other features that will make anyone happy to head out for a long run.

No-slip headphones

What person, fitness lover, or not, likes to have their headphones fall out? Now imagine have an ear-bud fall out in the middle of a bicep power set. Not fun, nor helpful. No-slip headphones that stay in place for the duration of a workout are the dream of any fitness fanatic. Include this in your Christmas shopping and you’ll be praised forever.


Massage stick

Who doesn’t love a good massage when their muscles are sore? Most of the time, fitness fanatics are going to be sore in one place, or another. A massage stick, or a roller, is an excellent gift because it allows the user to self-massage after a tough effort put in at the gym. This will also save them from spending the extra cash on a salon massage.

When buying gifts for a fitness fanatic the most important aspect is to consider what type of workouts they enjoy and cater your list to suit. Do you have any awesome gift ideas? Tell us in the comments below!

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