Health: General Well-being

Health is the general well-being of an individual. It includes good physical and mental condition. It is categorised in two, namely good health and bad health. Here are some fun and exciting tips to keep you get around some common health problems around.

Apple Health Tips

Who knew that smelling green apples prevents claustrophobia? Claustrophobia is an extreme fear disorder that involves confined places. Having a phobia is unhealthy as it triggers anxiety and forces one to panic.

Apples are also known for eliminating bacteria in the mouth. Research has repeatedly shown that eating apples in a place of a processed food entails a slew of health benefits. Recent research suggests that one compound found in apples might fight halitosis, which is a technical term for bad breath.


Good health hacks on body odours

Body odours are the worst, not only do they make the people around you uncomfortable but you also do not feel at ease. Unless if all you do is spend all your time play at an online casino on your own while indoors.

Body odours are caused by quite a number of things, but mostly bad health issues. It is said that what you eat is reflected by your outer appearance. Foods that you eat contribute to your body odour.

Some people tend to want to over scrub their bodies to get rid of these smells. Surely this is not the route to take because by doing this you might remove the natural body odours that actually balance these foul smells.

Here are some HACKS you can try out to prevent body odours:

If you are one of those people who have had a deodorant epically fail on you, not to worry where there is a will there a way! The best natural deodorant you can use is baking soda. With it comes a lot of benefits, not only does it leave you smelling fresh but also it does not stain clothes.

In cases where your deodorant has stained your clothes and have since developed a foul smell, apply a small amount of vinegar to wash the armpits of either your shirt or t-shirt. You don’t need a jackpot from casinosonline-canada or lotto, a little amount of vinegar applied to your bathing water can also help in eliminating body odours and leave you smelling good. Most importantly a healthy diet results in a healthy body.

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