How your diet can affect your hair

Your diet has all kinds of effects on your body and general health. Not only can eating too much – or too much of certain food groups – cause you to gain weight. It can also cause your skin to become inflamed, your internal organs to work less optimally than they should, and more. And it can have a real knock-on effect for your hair – sometimes to a degree that isn’t easily or cheaply reversible, such as in the case of hair loss. This article will explain why those who want to look after their hair should consider optimizing their diet.


One of the main complaints people have about their hair is hair loss. This problem can strike all sorts of people – of all genders, and of all ages. But there are ways to use your diet to cut down on the risk. Foods which are rich in vitamin A, for example, can encourage hair growth, so it’s worth increasing the amount of carrots, spinach and more you eat in order to stimulate those hair cells to keep working for as long as possible.



Another item which you’re likely to find on lists of the best foods to eat if you’re looking to improve your diet  and hence your hair quality is iron. Iron is great for improving the shine of hair, and it can help ensure that your blood works at its best – which in turn improves hair cell performance. The good news is that iron is found in all sorts of different food types. It’s most commonly associated with red meat, but it’s also present in fruits – such as tangerines – and other food groups.

Balanced diet

But it’s also worth pointing out that zooming in too close on a particular ingredient or food type can cause problems. In fact, some salons claim that too much of the “good” food types, like vitamin A, can lead to hair loss and other problems. A balanced diet which contains plenty of lean protein, complex carbohydrates and vegetables is a positive move. The Viabrance hair list shows some of the insights that Viabrance has identified in the diet and food field, so it’s worth reading. In short: following a healthy but varied diet which meets your needs – and which is backed up by supplements – is likely to be a great starting place for your healthy hair journey.

The relationship between an individual’s diet and the quality and vitality of their hair is well established by scientific and dietary research. And as this article has shown, everything from certain types of vitamins to an unbalanced diet can cause your hair to behave in a different manner – and not always for the better. So by incorporating some small dietary changes – like the addition of vitamin A and iron – you’ll be able to boost the chances of your hair remaining healthy and gorgeous for the long term.

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