Reasons Cycling Could Be the Sport for You

There’s a reason that early mornings and weekends see road users of the two-wheeled variety pedalling in earnest; cycling is a sport for the masses. And it’s not just about Lycra and lattes – cycling is about the freedom of the open road or the dirt track, feeling the wind in your hair and the kilometres clock by beneath your feet. So here are some reasons that cycling could be the sport for you.

The Inner Child

Whether you’re rushing down a roadway or negotiating a mountain track, there’s something incredibly liberating about riding a bicycle. As children, it’s one of first steps to independence, and even in adulthood, the freedom of pedalling under your own steam is fun. It can be a casual cycle or an adrenaline pumping ride complete with tricks, but – either way – cycling is one of those sports that anyone can do… and enjoy doing.

The most important thing is to find a bike and type of cycling that suits you, whether it’s casual riding, mountain biking, BMX riding, or road cycling. Bike specialists, such as
99 Bikes, can help you with selecting the right bike for your needs, ensuring it is the right size and that you have all the gear required.



While riding can be a great opportunity to enjoy some quiet time and clear your head, it can also be a very social sport. Joining a cycling club is a great way to meet other people and improve your own abilities. Clubs range from purely social Sunday rides right through to triathlon training, distance riding and mountain biking competitions. The internet is a great resource for finding your local club.


Should the prospect of competing really get you going, there are a number of ways to cycle competitively. Competitions include road cycling, track cycling, and dirt cycling, which encompasses mountain bike racing and BMX. You will need personal injury insurance to compete, but most clubs will offer you the opportunity to take this up.


Even as a casual rider, the health benefits of cycling are numerous. Low impact riding is a sport for all ages and abilities, with benefits including increased cardiovascular fitness, increased joint mobility, increased muscle strength and tone, strengthened bones, improved posture and co-ordination, decreased stress levels and decreased body fat. And those benefits only get better and more pronounced if you step your cycling up a level.



There’s something very appealing about notching up your weekly exercise hours while undertaking your daily tasks. Cycling to work or school not only increases your fitness but also has great environmental benefits. That’s not to mention, with traffic congestion becoming an ever-increasing issue, it can actually be faster than driving a car or taking public transport.

From Sunday morning sessions with your mates to pummelling your BMX in competition, cycling offers a massive variety of options and caters to every ability as a sport. For many, it’s a skill enjoyed since childhood; for others, it’s one being honed daily. To discover the benefits of this sport yourself, you need only get on your bike.

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