The Beauty Benefits of Switching to E-Cigarettes

Quitting smoking has a reputation for being difficult, but thanks to electronic cigarettes it’s becoming easier than ever to kick the habit and improve both your health and your appearance. With more and more smokers switching to e-cigarettes due to the many different benefits that they provide. Whilst e-cigarettes do contain nicotine which may slow down the recovery process somewhat, there is still no doubt that the absence of harmful chemicals and materials found in traditional cigarettes will cause a vast improvement in both your health and physical appearance. Let’s have a look at how switching to e-cigarettes can improve your look.


Better Skin

It’s a well-known fact that smokers don’t have the best skin. Smoking can dry out the skin and make it dull and tough, meaning that many smokers develop wrinkles and age a lot faster than non-smokers. Smoking affects the collagen in your skin which provides elasticity, resulting in sallow and sagging skin. When you switch to vaping, your skin will not be exposed to the harmful chemicals in cigarettes and you will see your complexion look fresher as your skin gets more oxygen and vital nutrients.

Whiter Teeth

Smoking can really take its toll on your teeth, and even if you look after your teeth well and brush and floss them daily, it’s still inevitable that a yellowish stain will be left. If a smoker does not take good care of their teeth, this can lead to even further problems such as cavities, plaque, and badly stained and discolored teeth. Switching to vaping gives you a chance to recover your pearly whites as smoking an e-cigarette does not have the same discoloration effect. Use a good whitening toothpaste or get your teeth professionally whitened by a certified dentist to kick start the process.


Stronger Hair and Nails

Over time, smoking can stain your nails a nasty waxy yellow color and they can also become brittle and weak. Heavy smokers also tend to have lusterless, dull hair thanks to constant exposure to toxins and the effect that it has. After a few weeks of vaping instead, you should be able to see a difference – your nails should feel and look stronger and your hair will begin to regain its shine.

Brighter Eyes

Smokers often have dull and sunken eyes due to the prolonged exposure to toxins and harmful chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. If you look tired all of the time even if you’ve gotten plenty of sleep and always seem to have dark circles under your eyes, or if your eyes always look red and irritated, this could well be a result of smoking. Switching to vaping will help your body to detox of the toxins and chemicals that it has been exposed to from smoking and your eyes will soon be twinkling. Since smoking reduces the supply of vitamins and minerals in your body, eating plenty of fresh fruit and veggies can also help to reduce dull and irritated eyes.

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