The best ways to make fitness fun

Fitness is fun. But that doesn’t mean it couldn’t stand to be more fun. Any extra incentive and motivation to get you out there and active can only help your fitness goals, and help you stretch that little bit further. Here are few tips to keep you interested, and going strong.


Grab a friend

There’s nothing like sharing an experience with a close friend to make that experience more rewarding. Grab a fitness buddy, and feed off each other’s enthusiasm, and to pull each other through the tough stretches. There’s the safety factor, too: should you injure yourself pushing yourself a little too hard, then you’ve got someone there to help you out.

Make it new

Sick of running? Swimming? Hit the same machines in the gym day in, day out? Mix it up! Try something you’ve never done before. Yoga. Pilates. A martial art, rock climbing, free diving, paddle boarding…there’s more to the fitness life than laps and reps. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life.

Treat yourself to some new, better gear

Gadgets are fun. And shopping for them is fun. Gear does wear out over time, and better products are developed to make your fitness journey more fun and safe – shoes, especially, wear out fast and can be hazardous for your health. And if you’ve trying new activities, well of course you’re going to need new equipment. Not every sports store and gym carries the equipment you might need for the more niche activities, but specialist stores like JSW Powersports carry specific items, from watersports footwear to gloves like these.


New locations, new scenery

Sure, that park near your home might be convenient for a quick run before work. But if you’ve got the time on the weekends, and the motivation, why not try moving your workout? Try some field running or hiking in a national park. Beach swimming instead at the pool. Point your bike in a different direction and see where it takes you. Or try a different gym or class for your workout. You get fresh scenery, a change of pace, and can meet new people.

Write down your goals…

A verbal contract, as a famous Hollywood producer once said, isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. And that includes contracts you make with yourself. Successful people write down their goals and aspirations – there’s something about seeing something tangible, on paper, in writing, that makes it all the more real, attainable, and something to hold yourself to. And when you reach those goals, the satisfaction you’ll get when you cross it off the list is immense and intense.

…and reward yourself for attaining them

Why are you keeping in shape? Your health, obviously, should be your number one goal. But, yes, it’s hard to see your cholesterol count without specialised equipment and a doctor, so it’s worth having a few positive reinforcements to strive for. Maybe pigging out occasionally and breaking all the rules of your diet. Or maybe fitting into that new outfit.

Keeping it fun is the key to keeping your fitness program going. These are a few small examples that will help you get through it, but there are many, many more – surely, you can think up some more.

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