Three Tips for Being More Productive

Regardless of what field you work in, regardless of what you do for a living and regardless of how much you are getting paid for it, being productive is something you just have to do if you want to be really successful and if you want to truthfully impress the people you work with. Which are the very best tips on how to become more productive? Here you have the top 3 of them:



3. Fight Your Procrastination Instincts

One Facebook like there, one Tweet here, another Instagram selfie over there and before you know it, one hour of your working time has just flew by. Being productive and procrastinating are really antonyms and you should make sure to fight your instinct to lag and delay your work.

It will not be easy – and even less so when you are working in front of a computer and temptations lurk just one click away – but once you do it, you will realize just how great a change it can make. Think of all the things you could do, think of all the money you could win and think of all the satisfaction you could feel if you simply stopped procrastinating and you will be able to motivate yourself.

2. Be Real Knowledgeable at What You Do

Invest time in learning new things about what you do and do it before you actually need them. This way, when you will be working on a tight deadline you will not have to waste your time off trying to learn that new thing. It makes sense, right? Prepare yourself in advance, read, practice and improve your skills. It may seem like you’re spending tons of time doing this, but it will eventually make you much more productive. Just think of computers back when they were just beginning to be introduced in offices: at first, people were more than reluctant. But when they noticed that knowing how to work on a computer would improve their productivity, they started learning this skill. This functions the very same with everything else productivity-related so make sure to keep your eyes and your mind open for the possibilities!


1.  Sleep Well, Eat Right, Work Out

Yes, your productivity can definitely be enhanced by you sleeping much better, eating better and working out as well. In fact, these are the very first things you will have to do. Not sleeping properly can make you sluggish and, even if you feel like you are gaining 2-3 extra-hours of work by staying up very late, the truth is that you are stealing yourself off precious time from the following day.

As for eating better and working out, they are not just for your waistline. They are for your brain as well. It is a proven fact that certain foods (salmon, for example) can energize you and they can provide your brain with essential fatty acids it needs in order to function at its best. It is also a proven fact that people who work out have more energy and they can stay concentrated for longer as well. In conclusion, get some “beauty” sleep, wake up to a healthy breakfast and sweat your body off a bit as well because your productivity level will thank you for it!

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