Too lazy to fend off fat? Here are a few tips

You’re looking podgy, your diet’s wretched and you’re paler than Casper covered in white paint – it’s time to get in shape.

Indeed, it’s a fate that even the most health-conscious of us have to face. There’ll come a time in every person’s life when they realise they’ve put on a few too many pounds, eaten a few too many pizzas and lounged on the sofa for a few too many hours.

We’re a country seeing a sharp increase in childhood and adult obesity. It’s impacting the health of our nation. If we collectively gain any more weight, there’s a high chance that the tiny island of Blighty will sink (don’t check the science of that).

Yet staying healthy is no mean feat, especially where modern life is concerned. You’ve got Amazon Prime, Netflix, NowTV and a PlayStation 4 to devour – can you really be bothered to get up and go?

Laziness is the great obstacle to an effective exercise regime – so how can you increase your motivation?


Courses to train

Knowing the ins and outs of nutrition and exercise is paramount to an effective workout. Just think – if you know all the positives of exercise, you also know the negatives.

So it’s time to get learning. Personal training courses can give you all the best info to finesse your fitness and reap the rewards of a pure exercise programme.

Moreover, these courses give you the chance to actually become a personal trainer. You’ll be able to turn all that hard-earned muscle and good health into a viable moneymaking scheme!

Music for the mind

Unless you’re a particularly contemplative sort, silence is seldom conducive to an effective exercise regime. You need the right kind of soundtrack to keep you pumped during your workout. After all, can you imagine facing a treadmill without entrance music?

Create a playlist of your favourite upbeat tunes and keep them playing. Not only will it help keep you motivated, but it’ll block out the dreadful music pumping out of your gym’s sound system.


15 a day

Sedentary people fear the gym like they fear the Reaper – but exercise doesn’t have to be a Full Metal Jacket-style ordeal.

Instead of diving headlong into a full-blown exercise regime, why not start with a simple 15 minutes a day?

After a few weeks, add an extra five minutes to your workout. Do this in increments until you’ve hit about 45 minutes of workout time.

With these baby steps you’ll enjoy a comprehensive workout – all while barely breaking a sweat.

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