Top 5 Super Foods

We seem to live as if we are constantly running to or from something. Work, home, work, home, the occasional Netflix binging and that’s about everything there seems to be with the most of our lives. We are constantly running from one place to another, as if time has run up and we really need to finish up this “level” to get to the new one.

Eating is not one of our primary concerns – and when it is, it’s not always in the right way. And yet, food provides us with the energy we need to run, to work, to take care of our families and to live. Paying attention to what you put in your mouth can change your life to the better: you will feel more energized, happier, thinner, healthier and more active (physically and mentally as well).

Which are the top 5 super foods you really need to include in your diet? Here they are:



Delicious and versatile, salmon is one of the best types of fish (and one of the best types of food) you should definitely stock up on. The Omega-3 fatty acids in this fish will give you energy, they will make your circulatory system function much, much better and they will improve the way in which your brain functions as well. Super-food for super-people indeed!

Green Tea

It has been known for a very long while that green tea is one of the greatest miracles of Mother Nature. Truthfully, this tea is energizing, it will push your digestive system, it will help your kidneys, your heart, your weight-loss diet and your brain as well. And, on top of it all, green tea is also believed to be able to fight cancer due to the large quantity of anti-oxidants it contains.



Many people believe that meat and animal products are the only ones rich in proteins. Wrong! Beans, for example, contain a lot of proteins and, aside from that, they contain quite a lot of fiber as well. Specialists say that we should get about 3 cups of beans every week – and we could not be more grateful for this tip of advice, really. They are delicious, they can be integrated in various dishes and they help us stay energized even when on a weight loss program! What’s not to like about beans?


Soy is an excellent replacement for meat and, when it comes in its more “liquid” forms, it is also a great replacement for milk too. Leaving this aside though, soy is high in fiber, protein and it can fight high levels of cholesterol – and these things make the basic soy beans a miracle super food you should definitely bring into your diet. Do keep in mind that soy sauce is not included here and that you should focus on soy milk, tofu and edamame!



Rejoice because dark chocolate is a super-food with all the properties super-foods have! Chocolate will bring you a nice kick of energy, it will heighten the endorphin levels in your body (these are the “happiness” hormones) and it will fight cancer, bad mood, depression, poor immunity and many other ailments and medical conditions you may suffer from. Not to mention it is one of the most delicious foods to have ever travelled the surface of the Earth!

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