Top Festive Beauty Tips

The holiday period is a wonderful time to enjoy parties, time with family, lovely food and drinks. It also offers a break from work or school, and some time away from any online study, such as an online masters in social work. It’s probably safe to say, whatever your plans are, you will want to look your best. Here are some beauty tips to help along the way.


Alcohol, late nights and cold weather can all leave our skin in a terrible condition. Start giving it some extra attention now to make sure it’s ready. Try a homemade facemask. If you are studying an online MSW you could even put it on while you study. Then, throughout the festive period to keep your skin looking great:

  • Wash or replace your makeup brushes and sponges to stop the spread of bacteria.
  • Get lots of sleep to avoid black rings around your eyes and give your skin a chance to recover.
  • Take your makeup off before bed, and have one day a week when you don’t wear any.
  • Drink enough water to stay hydrated.
  • Cleanse, tone and moisturize every day, using products suited to your skin type.



Firstly, as well as changing or cleaning brushes, check your makeup. You’ve probably got some that only comes out on special occasions. If you’ve had it for over a year, it’s time to replace it. Old makeup is a big cause of spots and skin infections.

You don’t necessarily need to wear a lot of make up to all those parties. Just make sure what you do wear counts. A touch of shimmer lipstick or gloss, and a great highlighter can really add some sparkle to any look.


Christmas is a great excuse to try a new style or color. Even a small change can leave you feeling great. If you’re working the day before the office party, a simple classy up-do can be a great way to change a look while not taking long to create.

You may also want to turn to the up-do for Christmas day itself, which is often quite hectic. Especially if you have a large family or children. Simple things like curling straight hair or straightening curly can give you a whole new look. Try not to wash your hair every day, a good dry shampoo can help with this, and avoid too much product.



Accessories are a great way to change the whole feel of an outfit. Adding some sparkle to an outfit can turn it from a day at the office to a night on the town. Treat yourself to some new jewelry in advance. Pearls and diamonds are always nice, and go with everything. For something different, consider colored gemstones, or even beads for a boho or vintage look

Some of the easiest ways to look great are to get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, and smile. A big smile, radiates beauty and self-confidence. If you are having a good time, let it show. The rest will come.

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