5 Car Safety Tips You Need to Know

Cars are an amazing invention – we’re able to get exactly where we need to be, on our own schedule, so much faster than the options available to us a few hundred years ago. But with speed, comes some dangers and the more aware you are of how to minimise those dangerous, the better for you and all other road users. Here are 5 car safety tips you need to know:

1. Don’t Drive Drunk
It may seem super obvious, but you may be surprised to know even after a good night’s sleep and a full meal, you may still be over the legal limit the next day. It can be hard then to tell when your blood alcohol levels are going to be too high. As a general rule if you have more than a couple of drinks, it would be smart to ask a friend to drive or to consider taking a taxi or public transport home. If you have had a lot of drinks, then be aware you may still be over the limit the following day, especially if you’re a lighter person. If you find yourself in a difficult situation with the law and drink driving, consider contacting¬†drink driving lawyers Sydney for legal advice.

2. Check Your Tyres Before Any Long Trips
Tyres are the point of contact with the road, so they need to be in good condition to ensure you can drive and stop safely. Check the tyre thread and ensure that it’s within the safe limits for your specific country, tyre and car. Ensure that the tyre pressure is within the indicated ranges for your specific car – generally you can check on the inside of the driver’s door, there should be a sticker with instructions.

3. Don’t Text and Drive
I see more and more people texting on their phones while in the driver’s seat of a car. This is so dangerous. Your brain only has a limited amount of space to process tasks at one time and driving is a relatively complicated task that requires your full attention. Pull over if you need to send a text or connect your phone to your stereo by way of bluetooth so that you can call someone if it’s really that urgent. No message is worth putting your life and others lives at risk.

4. Have Sunglasses Handy
Depending on where you live, the sun can become extremely harsh during the sunsets, when the sun is lower on the horizon. As such, sometimes the sun can actually be so bright you can’t properly make out things on the road. Having a pair of sunglasses handy can literally be a lifesaver if the glare is so strong you can’t see the road. Even a cheap pair of dollar sunglasses can make all the difference when the visibility is low.

5. Take Appropriate Breaks
You see too many news stories of people in terrible car accidents because they were overtired or driving incredibly long and unrealistic distances. If you’re driving a longer distance, like across country, consider having a break every 2 hours to get up, stretch your legs, give your eyes a break and to refresh yourself. When you’re on the road if you make a mistake you can be putting not only your life at risk, but the lives of innocent people on the road. As such, take special precautions to ensure you are not a hazard on the road.


With these small changes you’ll be able to increase your safety on the road, while making your driving experience much more comfortable.

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