5 Gifts for Your Partner (That You’ll Secretly Want for Yourself)

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It’s the season to be jolly and with it comes the pressure of finding the perfect gift for your partner.

If you’ve been squeezing every inch of creativity into what gift to buy for your partner’s birthday, anniversary or Christmas, then this is the moment to sit down and enjoy some crazy genius ideas. You will love them so much you might just want to keep them for yourself. Ah, isn’t it nice to share life and the house with your partner – gifts included?

  1. A Hot Air Balloon Ride

If both you and your partner love nature or simply the thrill of something new and adventurous, you will both love having a special ride together on a hot air balloon.

Going for an adventure together will get your adrenaline up, and those butterflies in the stomach will run high. What better way to get your relationship refreshed than a little excitement? To top it all out with something even more special, bring something more along. It can be a love poem you wrote, a funny gift (doesn’t laughter always heat things up even more?) or why not, some delicious gourmet chocolate.

  1. A Golden Rose

It’s a known fact that flowers are the best choice for that special someone in your life. Receiving flowers can trigger positive emotions and make people feel happy. But, what if I told you that you could take an ordinary bouquet of flowers to a whole new level and surprise your partner with a memorable and unique gift? I’m talking about a rose dipped in pure 24 karat gold. This is the perfect way to show your spouse that your love is precious and eternal.

  1. A Tantra Book

Show that special someone that you love that you are still crazy about them with a book to initiate both of you into the magic world of tantra. Studies have shown that the practice of tantric love can deepen your relationship and strengthen sexual intimacy.

A tantric book will help both of you discover depths that you have never been aware of before. And when you can mix both emotional intimacies with sexual pleasure, you know you have found the perfect gift. It will last you a lifetime – you might even want to pass it on to future generations.

  1. A Childhood Dream

We all have unfulfilled childhood dreams that we are still secretly yearning to come true. While becoming an astronaut is not always a plausible option, surprising your partner with a romantic night on an astronaut simulation game will definitely knock them off their feet. Find out what your partner’s unfulfilled childhood dream is and try to make it come to life. They won’t know what hit them.

  1. A Handmade Gift

Get your hands into it and start crafting a little special something for your loved one. Be it a carved piece of wood, a special photo frame, a tiny jewelry or even a handmade notebook they could write on every day, they will love knowing you made it. For some great inspiration, check out this article.

If you haven’t been much of a gift giver until now, you will surely change your mind soon. Embrace it and let it charm your partner even more. 

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