5 Great reasons for hiring a Party Bus for your next event!

Whether it’s for an office event, a birthday party, a bachelor party, or simply a happy get-together for you and a few friends, hiring a party bus is the way to go! Drunk driving is the cause of thousands of deaths on US roads, and since your party will involve drinking, it makes perfect sense to do it in a responsible way that ensures the safety of everyone attending the party.

How much does it cost to rent a party bus?

According to https://www.thumbtack.com/p/party-bus-prices, the cost to rent a party bus can be anything from $150 to $1,050 countrywide, with most people paying around $350 to $624, the average cost being about $600. Prices depend on a few factors, including the type of vehicle being rented, pick up and drop off times, party bus package deals, the number of passengers, luxury features, as well as any special requests.

Following are 5 excellent reasons for hiring a Bergenlimo Party Bus for your next event.

Designated driver – a competent driver is included in the deal when you hire a party bus. This means that you don’t have to find a family member or friend, willing to sit on the sidelines and miss out on the fun, to make sure that you and your guests are safe.

You can invite more people – even if you were to hire cabs to transport your guests, there are only so many that would fit into each cab and hiring a few cabs would be pricey. However, renting a party bus is a great and sensible choice, since it would hold between 20 and 30 people at least, quite comfortably, with everyone being transported, at the same time, while you party along the way!

You can hit all the popular nightspots – if you and your guests want to hit a few hot spots in town – no problem at all! Your designated driver knows all the nightlife that the city has to offer, so all you must do is hand him a list of where you want to go, enjoy party on, and leave it up to him!

You all arrive at the same time – the one big plus about hiring a party bus is that you and your guests arrive together, irrespective of heavy traffic, lack of parking space, or getting lost. With a party bus, all you do is tell your guests the time and date that they should be at the pickup location. Even if they are a few minutes late, those of you who are already on the bus can have a drink, chat, and get the party rolling while waiting for the others to arrive.

Hiring a party bus is great value – parking at a venue can be pricey, even if you’re paying at a meter or using a parking garage. Moving from one location to the next is not a good idea either. However, if you rent a party bus, the costs can be shared between all the other people attending, so everyone saves on parking and the amount that each person pays is reasonable and affordable.

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