5 Weird and Wonderful Competitions

From football and rugby to golf and chess, competitions and events can captivate audiences and gather a loyal army of follows who never miss a match. But, there are some more unheard of competitions which are played internationally across the globe. We want to introduce you to the strange and wonderful world of obscure game competitions by taking a closer look at five of them.

Pea shooting

The rules of pea shooting couldn’t be simpler. You need a target, dried peas and a pea shooter, which is similar to a drinking straw. The aim of the game is to consistently hit the target rings with the peas you’re blowing through the shooter. The World Pea Shooting Championships has been held annually since 1971 in the English village of Witcham in Cambridgeshire and since October 2014, pea shooting has also been an official competition in the USA.


The hand game rock-paper-scissors originated in Asia and has been played for many hundred years. There are numerous tournaments being held regularly including the UK Rock Paper Scissors Championships, which first took place in 2007, and the International Rock Paper Scissors Championship, which will be held in London on Saturday 16 April 2016. Those wanting to improve their rock-paper-scissors skills can check out Ladbrokes’ guide to the game.


Underwater Rugby

Underwater Rugby was first invented in the German city of Cologne in 1961 and the first championship took place in 1978. There are always 6 players in play for each team. They’ll wear fins, diving masks, and snorkels. Both teams try to score points by getting the salt-water-filled ball into the opponent’s goal. It’s a very exhausting sports and each game consists of two halves of 15 minutes and a 5-minute half-time break.

Toe Wrestling

In 1976, a Staffordshire landlord decided to invent a new sport for people to play, that’s how toe wrestling was born. The rules are very simple – players must take off shoes and socks before interlocking their feet at the toes and trying to pin down the other person’s foot. The World Toe Wrestling Championship takes place every year at the Bentley Brook Inn in Fenny Bentley in England.


Worm Charming

The first World Worm Charming Championship was held back in 1980 in the village of Willaston in Cheshire. Since then it has started attracting people from all over the world including the US and Australia. Each contestant gets a 3 x 3 metre plot and has to try and charm as many worms out of the ground as possible using vibrations only. The time limit is 30 minutes and you’re not allowed to dig or use water to get the worms to come to the surface. The current record is held by Miss S and Mr M Smith, who managed to charm 567 worms.

We all know about physical games like football or mentally-exhausting games like chess, but essentially all games can be turned into fun competitions. Why not give worm charming or toe wrestling a go next time?

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