6 Ways to Care for Your Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture is a beautiful addition to any home, bringing warmth, texture and colour to your life. To ensure your wooden furniture retains its vibrancy for years to come, here are five care tips that will have it feeling the love.

Choose well

Furniture is an investment, so from the outset, choose well. When selecting a piece, don’t just be taken in by its surface beauty; look to the finishing. That means taking a peak underneath or inside to ascertain the standard of the joins and workmanship. A quality piece will stand the test of time.

If you’re purchasing a new piece, seek out quality and look at their warranty. Shops like Super Amart, who not only have furniture stores in Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne but also regional areas, have a series of warranties and offer home delivery.


Clean and gleam

Dusting isn’t just about cleanliness, it’s also about ensuring the longevity of your furniture as a layer of dust can actually affect the finish of your wooden pieces. To ward off that fine matter, wipe your wooden furniture weekly with a mix of warm water and a small amount of household soap, using a soft cloth. The key here is to dampen, not douse, so go easy on the wet stuff.

Wax on, wax off?

Most furniture comes already sealed, so it won’t really need an oil or wax for nourishment unless that coat has been affected. Oils and polishes are more designed to bring out an extra gleam in your furniture. They also cover any small abrasions and protect the coat from future damage.

Take cover

If your household includes small children or you’re sometimes a little remiss in the coaster department, consider covering items like dining tables.

A tablecloth with rubber non-slip underlay is ideal. But if that doesn’t appeal, consider placemats and heat pads.

Alternately, consider how and who will use your item when you purchase it. Styles like distressed wood mean it doesn’t matter if there’s a dent, nick or scratch here and there – it just adds character.


Remedial action

If you have forgotten coasters in the past and have an unsightly coffee shaped ring on your table, a nifty trick is to cover the mark with a soft cloth and iron it carefully on medium heat for 10-20 seconds.

Small scratches and scuffs can also be remedied using shoe polish of a similar shade to the wood. Or use a felt tip marker and then cover with polish.

Watch the elements

If possible, keep your wooden furniture out of direct sunlight as it can cause ageing and warping.
Sunlight generates immense heat and can cause fine finishes to break down, and dry out the wood, resulting in splits or cracks. Do not place your furniture near a heater for the same reason.

There’s a reason why wooden furniture is found in almost every home; it adds something to our lives. With careful choice and just a little love, your table of today can be an antique of tomorrow.

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