A guide for hitting the slopes in style

Everyone wants to look good, but especially when on vacation, and it is no less true when you are on an active vacation and are hitting the snowy slopes. Dress to impress, as well as to perform well, and hit the slopes in style.

Where to go and what to wear

There are plenty of places to go skiing, bobsleighing, or snowboarding, but some of the best resorts, not to mention the most exclusive, are to be found in Europe. Switzerland, with its stunning mountain ranges and evocative mountain villages, is hard to beat for fantastic slopes and facilities, but both France and Austria boast great ski resorts. Andermatt, close to the northern side of the Alps, offers among others, the steep mountain Gemsstock, ideal for expert skiers, but also other slopes suitable for intermediate and beginner skiers. Verbier is another fantastic resort with luxury chalets and hotels, as is Zermatt.


Of course, you cannot go to ski resorts such as these without looking the part. While you may be able to get away with hired skis or a snowboard, your clothing needs to have been bought just for you. Much skiwear follows a general theme, so you need to accessorize cleverly to stand out from your fellow holidaymakers.

You could try a one-piece ski suit that will streamline your figure and help you cut a dash on the slopes. Complete with fur hood and secure buttoning around the neck, you will most definitely not feel out in the cold. You could choose a stripy two-tone ski jacket that will keep you warm and get you noticed. You are going to need some comfortable pants out on the mountains, but there is no need to cramp your style. Keep things classic with a pair of black ski pants that can be teamed with anything to create an elegant and trim look.


What about safety? Is safety not as important as looking good? The sensible person will tell you that it is more important, but thankfully, you do not have to sacrifice style for sense. Ski helmets, for example, should be considered an essential to protect your head when out on the slopes, and these come in a range of attractive colors and styles. You can choose a ski helmet that protects your entire head, or one that protects your skull’s most vulnerable areas. You can choose a minimalist style that can be covered with a hood or bobble hat, or one that is designed to stand on its own, with bright colors, branded writing, and a brim to reduce glare. You can add some ultra-stylish sunglasses to prevent snow blindness, and you can keep your ears warm with a pair of comfortable fluffy earmuffs.

Ski clothing serves two purposes, that of protecting you against the sometimes harsh elements to be found on snowy mountains, and that of helping you to look good as you show off your moves. Choose gear that fulfils both purposes on your next snow vacation.


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