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Baju Kurung is a symbolic traditional Malaysian clothing that is very important in the fashion business. A lot of Malay women still prefer to wear Baju Kurung daily for formal and special events, important occasions and everyday casual wear. But sometimes this clothing needs alteration and repair to perfectly fit one’s style and preference. Baju Kurung Alteration Malaysia is the best place to come for alterations and repairs for men and women Malay clothing.

A Baju Kurung is a loose-fitting full-length dress, which consists of a blouse and skirt. The blouse is without the collar, has long sleeves, and spreads to within the hips and knees and the skirt is created from a long fabric with folding on one side. It is usually made of silk which is imported from China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, India or Turkey or from Malaysia states of Kelantan or Terengganu. The modern Baju Kurung uses bright colors and geometric designs.

The locals choose cloth from mainland Malaysia’s eastern states of Kelantan and Terengganu, where the tradition of batik and hand-made fabrics are still influential. In the more traditional states in northern Malaysia, women often wear Baju Kurung with a headscarf (tudung).

A stitching style adds drama to a design. Well, Baju Kurung Alteration Malaysia is using different stitches according to the preference of a customer.


Running Stitch

Also called as the basting stitch, Running Stitch is long and straight stitching. It is used as basting sewing, which means they use this for transient holding two pieces of cloth together. This can be simply removed later.

Catch Stitch

Catch stitch has a zig-zag design and it is noticeable on the right side of the fabric which makes it great for a blind hem. You can use this style for placing two pieces of cloth together with a small overlap.

Whip Stitch

This is an easy hand sewing style and it is made up of short diagonal stitches and usually used for hemming. Whip Stitch is hidden on the right side of the cloth.

Cross Stitch

This is a decorative stitch style that consists of two straight sews that create an x from the middle. Overall, Cross Stitch is used on special cloth that consists of tiny holes that serve as a pattern to the design, and the stitching is a series of X’s that create a design.

Buttonhole Stitch

This is named after the stitching style you see on the buttonhole. Buttonhole Stitch keeps the woven cloth from unscrambling. The stitching is created on a blanket and based on the spacing. This has an L pattern.


This stitching pattern is used for connecting two pieces of fabric. If you want to connect the sleeves on a top, the dressmakers then use a Backstitch. The technique is two steps moving forward and one step moving backward. However, if it is for embroidery, it’s from right to the left.

Blanket Stitch

This style of sewing has a pretty seam finish. Blanket Stitch is used when making hand embroidery or when finishing the edges.

Slip Stitch

The slip stitch is used for creating concealed layers among two-fold ends. This stitching is also called the ladder stitch as when creating a stitch, you make threads ladders. The slip stitch is applied when closing a lining, connecting, secretly using applique or finishing with filling inside.

Baju Kurung Alteration Malaysia Experience

With over 30 years of experience, Lai Chan Fashion is an expert in different stitching styles. They guarantee to design with a seamless look and all their tailors are skilled at doing any stitches that are important for the style or alteration.  Although they have been in the business for three decades already, it didn’t stop them from mastering their craft to always deliver the best customer service.

Lai Chan Fashion is a fashion company that works hard to accommodate the needs of clients since we all know that clothes are a fashion staple. They symbolize a person’s character and it gives confidence if they wear a beautiful and properly tailored Baju Kurung dress. You will be impressed with their service as they carefully listen to the customers and offer guidance to achieve the best for them.

Go visit them at 2-G-33 Wisma Rampai, Taman Sri Rampai, Setapak, KL. They’re always happy to serve customers!

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