Dining room ideas to impress your guests

If you’re used to eating your meals in a casual dining space next to your kitchen then you might want to think about creating a dining room that is not for day-to-day use. Eating in a casual area is ideal for grabbing those quick meals before and after a long working day, but you can make a real difference to how you welcome and serve your dinner guests by making sure you have a dining room that looks and feels really good.


Making your dining room welcoming

Your dining room may not be used all the time, but there is no reason for it to feel cold and neglected. Remember that apart from occasional dinner guests it can be used for that great family get-together – the Sunday lunch. It’s an important aspect of family life and helps children feel that sitting down to eat together is not just a normal part of growing up, but a very enjoyable one too.

Add some in-laws and their children, and parents too from time to time, and you have the perfect excuse for making your dining room a focal point of you home.

Make the room as light as you can. No one wants to sit in the gloomy half-light of Victorian-style wood paneling with only the odd candle to lighten the scene. Go for fresh colors on the walls. A light wooden floor can work well if you’re not keen on carpets but put down a couple of attractive rugs on either side of your dining table.


Design for you

Everyone has differing views about what they like to see in a room and it’s no surprise that dining rooms can vary immensely in terms of how they look. You need to decide what you are comfortable with when it comes to decor and furniture, but you also need to keep an eye on how you think guests will feel.

Clean, sleek minimalist lines can be very attractive, freeing up space so that light can penetrate more easily from well-positioned lamps or lights. Remember, you are more likely to use your dining room in the evening so you need to consider the lighting. Uplighters can be very effective at creating the right ambience – don’t make things too dim because most people like to see what they’re eating!

An alternative to minimalist is to go for classic furniture styles that could be dark and sophisticated – again, think of your lighting for this approach – or lighter, using woods such as reclaimed pine, an attractive option when you’re looking for a classic wooden dining table.


Think too about how your chairs will work with a table, and if you have plenty of space why not add a sideboard and a display cabinet to house your crockery and cutlery, as well as tablemats and other table dressings.

Eat and enjoy

Your dining room is a place not just for people to eat but also for them to enjoy themselves. Good food, drink and lively conversation will flow when your room makes your guests feel both welcome and comfortable.



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