Easy decoration ideas for the bedroom

Is your bedroom starting to look a little dull? Or perhaps its just time for a change? Re-decorating your bedroom doesn’t’ need to cost a fortune or take weeks on end. Here are a few ideas that can help quickly spruce up your bedroom that will turn your bedroom into a total sanctuary.


  1. Add some art or photos everywhere

Blank walls can be a little boring, so if you have a lot of white empty space in your bedroom think about adding in some artwork or even photos of family and friends. Pick a variety of different frames from wholesaleposterframes.com to fill up your walls. You don’t need to add just one big piece either; sometimes it can look good if you have a wall filled with different shapes and sizes.

  1. Add cushions and throws to the bed

Your bed will look so much more inviting if you fill it with different cushions and snuggly throws. Don’t just stick to your standard four pillows on the bed, and add in some bright European cushions for the back and then some coloured cushions in front. Don’t go boring either, think different colours, textures and shapes. Find the right balance between adding in enough cushions that won’t also take you ten minutes to get rid of each night.


  1. Add a floor rug

If you have wooden floors then add a rug or even two. Nothing is worse then waking up in the morning and putting your feet on cold hard wooden floors. Just like cushions, play around with different shapes, sizes, colour and textures. It doesn’t need to be boring.

  1. Add some candles

Not only is this a completely inexpensive way to add some sparkle to the bedroom it makes it so inviting too. Add candles to you bedside tables, dresser, well just about anywhere you can. Find yourself some good quality aromatherapy candles that not only look great but make your room smell amazing too.


  1. Change your bed base

The bed should be the centerpiece for the bedroom so as well as adding coloured cushions and throws look at adding a statement piece bed base. A four post bed always looks great or perhaps even a bright coloured head board to brighten up the room.

  1. Add a place to sit

Create a nice reading space in the bedroom that isn’t the bed. Add in a beautiful chair or couch if you have the space. Your bedroom is a place of sanctuary and doesn’t just need to be for sleeping.



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