Fun Things to do When You’re Bored

Many of us don’t like to admit when we’re bored. With the invention of the internet, and impact of new technology, it can be embarrassing to feel boredom when we’re constantly connected and have the world at our fingertips.

So if boredom is your “little secret”, here are some fun things to do the next time you’re bored:


Pick up a good book

If you’re not the type to read, now’s the time to start. You’ll be surprised by how much you’ll love reading once you simply find the right type of book for you. Whether you’re a non-fiction person, or love a good murder mystery, there are so many ways to read, whether digitally on your phone, kindle or nook, or with actual books from the bookstore or library. Every time someone mentions that they’ve recently read a good book, write it down and you’ll always have something new and recommended to read.

Play games online

Did you know that there are online casino sites with real money and no deposit? If you love playing games and you’re hoping to win some money to put towards your next big purchase, sharpen your gambling skills or simply have a few hours of fun, playing games online could be the solution to your boredom.


Learn a new language

If you’ve always wanted to learn a language, now’s the time to start. Often learning a language can seem so overwhelming that we put it off as a project for “one day”. But learning a language happens when you consistently practice and study over time, making it the perfect solution if you’re facing boredom. Arrange a few language lessons to get you started, or look for language exchange programs where you can exchange English conversation for basics in Spanish, French, Italian or even Chinese. There are also great apps like Mindsnacks and Duolingo which make language learning fun.


If you’re the type who likes to spend the weekend alone, now’s the time to make yourself go out. If you’re a natural introvert, it can seem exhausting trying to make friends or even hang out with your current friends, but these connections are what help us if we’re feeling down and allow us to feel like we have someone to turn to when the worst happens.

If you don’t have many friends, or you’re simply looking to expand your group, the internet is a great place to find new friends and acquaintances. Try sites like Craigslist, Reddit and Couchsurfing, or use Facebook Groups to meet like-minded people in your free time.

Get active

If you’re the type who never exercises because you “never have time”, now you’ve lost that excuse. If you’re feeling bored, working out is one of the best ways to fill in an hour or two and get those endorphins flowing. Ask a friend to join you for a walk or run to kill two birds with one stone, join a new club, or simply grab your iPod or phone and head to the gym.

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