Getting the most out of your garage

It’s very easy to let your garage turn into the dumping ground for the house and before you know it you have no room to move let alone have your tools or car in there. If you have let your garage space get a bit out of control, then it’s time to claim back the space with these helpful tips and get the most out of your garage.


Get some external storage space.

For all those items you use occasionally or seasonally use then consider putting it into a third party storage provider like Fort Knox Storage. A third party storage solution is a great way to create space in your own garage whilst still keeping everything you want to hold onto, like hiking gear, camping equipment or snow sports equipment. You can even put in larger items like canoes, jetskis, boats etc if you have them. You could also consider building a gardening shed out back that can keep all of the gardening tools out of the garage space.

Clear out the clutter with a garage sale.

It’s time to get real about what you need in the garage and what you don’t. When you start to clear things out, it’s amazing the stuff you find that you have been holding onto for years. Rule of thumb if you haven’t used it for the last year then you will most likely not use it again. So put up some flyers around the neighborhood and host your own garage sale. It’s a nice way to get some extra cash in too.


Get mobile workstations.

If you want a good working space, but not quite sure where to put it, then get one with wheels. That way you can adjust it depending on what’s in the garage at the time. You can even add wheels to your storage cupboards, making the whole garage interchangeable as your needs and requirements for the space change.

Install smart storage solutions.

There are so many great storage solutions that have been specifically designed for the garage.  Look at getting some floor to ceiling shelving or cabinets, or if there isn’t enough space on the ground then install wall mounted shelving above the car.  Look at getting drawers to store all those small bits and bobs, and then also a larger area to store all your tools away neatly. You can even get smart storage solutions for the back of the garage door or ceiling. You can add hooks into the roof to store all those bulky items like ladders and gardening equipment.

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