How to achieve the farmhouse chic look in your cooking space

Are you keen to achieve the farmhouse chic look in your kitchen? If so, listen up. To get this decor theme just right, there are some important points you’ll need to keep in mind. So that you’re up to speed, here is your quick guide to perfecting this vibe in your cooking space.

Go for solid wood features

Solid wood is a distinguishing feature in many farmhouse style cooking spaces. As specialists Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets point out, real wood offers a homely warmth, making it the perfect type of material to introduce if you’re keen to add an element of cosiness throughout the room. From your countertops to your cabinets, there are a number of ways you can include solid wood in your kitchen.

To really nail the countryside chic vibe, make sure you pick a suitable wood colour. For instance, for a fresh, airy look, you could go for a light coloured timber like boak, beech, bamboo or maple.


Stick to a neutral colour palette

Sticking to a pale, neutral colour palette is a must. Bright, bold shades, such as hot pink, deep red and lime green, are a huge no-no, so make sure you choose fresh, light hues instead. For example, you could go for shades like creamy vanilla, smooth ivory or pure white as your base colour.

However, if you’re desperate for a hint of colour in your space, don’t worry. There are a plethora of stunning shades you could go for. From mint green, to duck egg blue, to dusky pink, try to stick with pale pastels. Cooler toned colours like slate grey, soft beige and navy blue will complement your decor theme too.

Choose vintage accessories

To maintain your farmhouse kitchen theme, it’s important that you’re careful when you’re picking out your accessories too. The good news is, there are a whole host of vintage-esque knick knacks that you can include throughout the space. For example, you could hang an antique clock on the wall or display a trio of rustic jars on your window sill. You may even want to go for vintage-looking appliances, such as an old-fashioned cooker or retro fridge freezer. For inspiration, you could browse ideas online using creative websites such as Pinterest.

As long as you keep these decor tips and tricks in mind, you shouldn’t struggle to achieve the farmhouse look in your kitchen space.

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