How to bring an outfit back to life?

While fashion houses work very hard every year to come up with mind-blowing collections, be it for the Spring-Summer or the Autumn-Winter seasons, sometimes we are limited in our resources to be able to give our wardrobe a make-over every couple of months. Regardless of our job, social status or position in the society, every woman has classic pieces that can be worn in multiple situations, be it a night out with friends, or a work outfit. These vary, from a clear-cut black dress, to suit pants and a jacket, to just a pencil skirt and a blouse. Whatever the contents of your wardrobe, there are ways in which you can infuse life and an exciting touch to even the most plain outfit you own, here is how.


First and foremost rule of a good look are accessories! Whatever outfit you are planning on wearing, you can bring it back to life with bright accessories, such as a funky necklace, glamorous bangles or bracelets and fashionable earrings. Investing in jewelry that will work for you is easy, when you know what you are looking for. There are multiple brands that create stunning pieces that will be a showstopper. Think of Dolce & Gabbana bulky earrings, Ek Thongprasert necklace, Mise en Dior tribal earrings, Collier de Chien Hermes bracelets and Repossi rings. All these are pieces that you can wear with anything and to any occasion. There are more affordable options from other brands, but target something bold and striking for a look that will tell the world who you are.

Another great way of taking your outfit to another level is improving it with a statement bag. Bags, including totes, clutches, purses and even fashionable backpacks have the power of turning your look 180 degrees. Think Celine Trapeze in nude suede worn with a black pencil skirt, or a PS1 in eclectic purple with a black dress – it takes you from boring working gal, to a glamorous fashionista. Go to the closest department store, browse the bags section and find the bag that will not only suit the style you are aiming for, but also be comfortable to carry. If you can’t afford the bag, make a plan of putting money aside every month to save up and treat yourself to the It-bag that will transform your life.


Sometimes something simple, like adding layers or putting another top can shed a new light on an old ensemble! Here you have a myriad of options – from choosing a fancy top, to a see-through blouse to throw over your dress or strapless top; to adding multiple khaki layers to turn a work suit into a play-suit for a night out. Open any fashion magazine and you will see that it is all about combining various materials and textures together to come up with something that will be individually you.

Following fashion weeks and reading magazines can not only give you ideas on what is in fashion right now but also how you can combine various pieces together. Even if you cannot afford luxury brands, it does not mean that you cannot come up with a style that will not only differentiate you from everyone else but will also turn a very mundane outfit into something original that others will envy. Don’t be scared to play with styles, layers and colours, try things in front of a mirror and dare to be bold and different, as this is what makes you – you!

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