How to make your gadgets last through a long-haul flight?

One of the most beautiful and exciting experiences you can purchase with money is traveling. This is something that will enrich your life, broaden your horizons, let you see the big world out there, eat new things, try things that are outside your comfort zone and really live life to the fullest. Sometimes it takes hours to travel to your destination, from a flight that takes up to 8 hours to those that are trans-Atlantic and can take up to 17 hours on board an airplane, this is sometimes the most dreaded part of the journey. While there is in-flight entertainment offered by airlines on long-haul flights, sometimes you just want to use your own gadgets and they usually run out of battery during the first part of the flight. There is no need to worry, as here are some tips on making your electronics last.

One of the first things to remember is to charge everything before the flight – if needed, put a reminder or set an alarm for this, and really do leave your gadgets to charge for an extended period of time. This is the first essential step.


It is a good idea to purchase an external battery that will be able to charge your smartphone and tablet or iPad while you are in the airplane. These come in various sizes and can have up to 2 charging docks. The external battery is a great investment and you should really look into getting a quality one, as it will come in handy.

When you leave the house to go to the airport, turn off anything that can drain your battery, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, home system control, etc. These will be slowly but steadily discharging your electronic devices even when you don’t necessarily need them.

When you use an App, make sure you switch it off and get rid of it in your history. This tiny detail can save you battery life and will stop your phone or tablet wasting its power.


Be savvy of the programs that you are using and which ones require more battery – for example RP games waste more battery life than some puzzles or arcade games. Watching movies will also shorten the usage life of your device, but you can always take out your external battery! Generally, try to keep it simple.

If you see that your battery life is miserably low and you will need your phone to make a call upon arrival, don’t waste it by listening to music – check the inflight entertainment, most airlines offer a wide array of new movies, episodes of popular TV shows and even music channels for their customers, so before watching the latest movies on your iPad, check if it is available on the screen in front of you.

Traveling by airplane can be as exciting as it can be tiring. If you are one of those people who just can’t sleep thousands of miles above ground, and need to use your gadgets to catch up on the latest Hollywood movies and shows, there are certain tricks of how you can extend the battery life of your devices. From purchasing an external battery to choosing correctly the apps that you use can save you hours of power.

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