How to mix and match your suit separates

It’s 2014 guys. The time for your standard three-piece suit is over. It’s time to experiment with styles, let your creativity loose and unleash that little part of your brain that says conservative clothing is in fashion. Check out this handy list of tips on how to mix and match your suit separates then jump on to the Politix website you put your new knowledge to the test. Before too long you and the ladies of the world will be very appreciative of the fact that you’ve come into possession of this knowledge.


Be Creative

This isn’t any time to be conservative. Pick a couple of colours that match or go all out. Combine dark pants with a bright jacket and a different coloured vest and start to turn heads for all the right reasons. Or even go for two brightly contrasting colours to throw people off. Make sure your new, unique original style is standing out for the right reasons. Live life dangerously and bring together separate elements to make sure you stick out with memorable style.

Get Inspiration

Flick through some fashion mags and see the sort of options you have in terms of what’s in fashion at the moment and the sort of ways you can subvert this style by mixing and matching your suit separates. See what sort of styles people are wearing and think of ways you can subvert it with a different tone or a slightly left of centre pair of trousers. The options are almost endless.


Make Sure You Complete Your Suit

Mixing and matching your suit separates (inspiration found here) is a great way to add to your clothing collection and give your look a whole new different edge. But be careful. Buying two suit jackets will leave you with cold legs! Make sure you mix and match the separate elements of your suit, including the pants, so you make sure you won’t be arrested for indecent exposure on the way home from your daily commute.

Make Sure You Purchase the Right Type of Suit

Aces, clubs, diamonds and hearts are great in a game of old maid but if you’re looking for a bunch of clothes to wear they’re not going to cut it. Make sure you don’t choose the standard suit from a 52 deck of playing cards. Mixing and matching these might get you a good hand in texas hold em’ but it’s not going to help you get the number of any attractive women. You could probably could fashion a hat with a bunch of playing cards and some wood glue, but that isn’t really a suit.

What do you think of this guide? Is there anything you don’t agree with? Would you add anything to this list? Leave and questions, comments or suggestions in the section below and thanks for reading.

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