Maybe you two should sleep on it

As a couple there are some things you share and some things you probably don’t. So, as follows:

Share: cups, plates, bathroom, TV

Don’t Share: Same taste in TV, toothbrushes, interests


One which could join the list of don’ts is discussing private health matters. You probably have an unwritten policy where you do your thing and he does his thing. You are aware that they have a doctors appointment but may not know the actual reason they are there, however the topic of health should be open for mutual discussion and how you go about improving it. The three main contributors to health are food, excercise and sleep as these vacuum most of our time.

Regarding food do you have the same food every week or do you mix it up and introduce a range of foods and colours which give you a changeable variety of nutrients. There is even a mainstream TV show about this called ……, Dominic Littlewood stops chasing ‘petty crook’ and focuses on families who do not venture far from a well beaten road for their family teas. The body may appreciate the greater breadth of food in the diet and this can result in more energy.


You may both visit the same gym or perhaps go jogging together but you may be a couple who rarely excercises apart from walks together and the endurance’s of life. If you are a couple who go to the gym but end up in the steam room after 15 minutes why not try a boot camp which is all the rage right now. If you are a parent you may already be familiar with screaming at 4:30am but if not why not give yourself a physical and mental challenge – this will improve your help and may bring you closer together as you cling onto each other through sheer exhaustion.

The final brief step to partnership in action may be one harder than a boot camp – shopping with the partner! If this fills you with dread more than a jog with a heavy load on your back why not avoid the hassle and do this online. To gather more sleep as a duo you could consider a new bed but be warned: Buying double beds should be a joint decision. You can agree/disagree at the bed retailer BedStar who offer a wide selection of options to compromise any differing opinions.

So considering food, exercise and sleep as a couple and openly discussing these areas can not only give you a healthier open relationship but also a healthier lifestyle.


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