Pedicures at home: taking care of your feet the right way

Did you know that each of your feet is home to some 26 bones, and takes the full impact of every step that you make? It can be hard to acknowledge that fact sometimes, particularly when your feet spend the majority of the day hidden in shoes, lurking underneath your desk, or snuggled up in slippers as you try to unwind, but it is a matter that really needs to be taken in hand – or in foot – today. After all, in addition to ensuring that your feet live to see another day, taking the time to pamper them is also a fantastic way to relax at the end of a long, hard day – what more of a reason do you need?!

How should you go about creating a new foot care regime? Be mindful of what you’re doing to your feet on a daily basis. Keep footwear practical and comfortable to lessen the pressure on your tired feet, keep exercise frequent yet gentle, wash your feet every day, and wear socks. This last one may sound rather obvious – or difficult if you wear high heels or sandals a lot – but socks can soak up moisture and stop your feet rubbing, as well as absorbing much of the pressure you put on your feet.


Ready for soft heels, toes, and ankles? Be sure to moisturize; if you only follow one tip, make sure it’s to moisturize, particularly at night when your feet will soak up any of the lotion’s goodness. Following these simple steps will ensure your feet continue to look after you for years to come, and will prevent ailments such as ingrowing toenails, fungal infections, damaged bones, muscles and tendons, and cracked skin.

Your perfect home pedicure

Getting a pedicure is an indulgence that many women, and even men, enjoy from time to time; there is nothing quite like receiving a good pampering from someone else, and a soothing rub and moisturize will replenish even the most tired feet. What should you do if you just can’t stretch to a professional pedicure towards the end of the month? There are a variety of products available for purchase that will enable you to achieve the same fantastic results in the comfort of your own home, and for a fraction of the price. Giving yourself a pedicure is ridiculously simple and incredibly enjoyable, once you know how.


First thing’s first: choose a time of day when you’re unlikely to be disturbed and can make the most of your pedicure. As well as soothing your feet, a pedicure can be a great way to relax the rest of your body and mind, and so scheduling your “me time” 20 minutes before the kids are due home is a rather bad idea! Next, prepare your feet by buffing them to remove any rough, hard skin that has started to build up; we recommend completing this particular task while your feet are still dry as it makes them much easier to work with. Buffed and beautiful? Fill a large bowl with warm water into which you’ve poured a reviving soak or nail-strengthening solution, and immerse your feet for at least ten minutes; this will help you to relax and really go to work on them! Once your feet are sitting pretty, it’s time to massage them; do this briskly with a scrub or lotion to remove any remaining dead skin, and then rinse them thoroughly. Finally, ease back your nails with a cuticle stick, trim them straight across with clippers, and gently round the edges of each with an emery board before massaging your feet with a rich, moisturizing lotion. To add a spot of color to your nails, gently wipe off any excess lotion and choose a color that complements you; a base coat, two layers of any color, and a topcoat will ensure that your look endures – the perfect pedicure.

Your feet are too important to ignore; after all, they take you everywhere you need to be, carry the strain when the going gets tough, and rarely get a moment’s peace – not to mention the times when they’re stuffed into hot, uncomfortable shoes for the sake of fashion. Pedicures can be a fantastic way to reward your feet for everything they do for you, and there are some quick and easy ways to achieve fabulous professional results in the comfort of your own home; follow a few simple tips and step out, best foot forward.

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