Romantic Decorating Tips for Valentine’s Day

Thanksgiving and Christmas may all have the attention when it comes to decorating your space like homes. And if you can’t still get over on putting garlands, and setting up your table, Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse to elevate your space making all warm and cozy ambiance. You can instantly transform your home into a total 5-star hotel with these simple Valentine’s Day decorations.

Skip the store and add some personal touch

Heart Paper Garlands 3D

When you say Valentine’s Day the first symbol that will cross your mind is a heart shape. Heart decorations are popular for Valentine’s Day or any love themed parties and occasions. 3D heart paper garlands are awesome to make a creative backdrop for a photo booth.

Watch Complete Tutorial: Miss Bizi Bee

Frame Wall Décor

Make a tree using book pages, after that tie, your heart-shaped cutouts together with your name. Make sure everything is secure with glue, lastly frame it! Watch the Tutorial: The Dating Divas.

DIY Heart-Shaped Button

Glue or sew a bunch of little red buttons and make a heart formation on a piece of canvas. You can include a cute bow or heart pendant. This DIY heart-shaped button will become the cutest DIY decorations or perfect as a present for Valentine’s Day.


DIY Valentine’s Day Outdoor Hanger

Make an eye-catching door adornment by recycling some old picture frames and old book pages. It is easy and effortless to make and for sure you will enjoy these easy steps! Follow the Tutorial: confessions of a new old home ow.

 DIY Heart Tree

Decorating for Valentine’s Day is also the best opportunity to recall good moods and bring nostalgic memories to your life. This easy tiny heart tree will look so elegant for your Valentine’s Day coffee table match with your favorite mantel. The good thing is you it will cost you $1 to make one! Tutorial: Money Hip Mamas.

Rolled Paper Roses Tree

Rolled paper roses when all combined make a stunning tree and can add romance to your Valentine’s Day!

Table Decorations 

Make a romantic table centerpiece and decorations using dark red berries and white candles. These combinations are great for your family table dinner for Valentine’s!

Easy table decoration ideas for Valentine’s Day can be sometimes found in your home! You can look for a clear glass vase, then fill the vase with a bar of red heart-shaped chocolate and you can include some embellishments of your choice. It’s simple but literally filled with sweetness, romance, and love.

Easy DIY Outdoor Valentine’s Decoration Ideas

Fabric flower pots are perfect on your porch this Valentine’s Day. You can easily DIY the project using leaves and fabric heart cutouts.

Heart-shaped Garlands Decoration

This easy DIY red heart-shaped garland craft decoration for your Valentine’s Day is amazing and can complement your centerpieces, red table runners, glasses tablecloths, red tableware, and will definitely look good to create a beautiful table setting.

Pom pom heart-shaped wreath

Wreaths are the most famous and awesome idea for decoration. You can DIY one using a  leaf over yarn in pink, white, and red colors. So effortless yet perfect!

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