The Benefits of a Same Day Delivery Service

The way businesses deliver to their customers is now more important than ever. More and more retail giants are looking into innovative new ways to get their customers deliveries out faster than ever. With major ecommerce companies like ASOS trialling a same day delivery services and Amazon teaming up with Audi to deliver parcels to customers car boots, it’s becoming easier than ever. So what are the advantages of offering same day delivery?


Same Day Delivery

Customers want their parcels as soon as possible, hence the popularity of a next day delivery option which many people are more than happy to pay for the service, it makes business sense to offer a same day delivery service too if it’s possible. Many of the big retail companies are looking into launching a same day service within the next year. Recently clothing giant Next have changed their delivery service so customers can place orders for next day delivery up to 12 pm which is pretty close to offering same day.

Same day gives customers much more satisfaction as they can be guaranteed that their new dress or blender or electrical product will be with them the very same day. It is about as close to recreating the feeling of offline shopping as possible and something many big brands are wanting to offer.


Does this make it harder for small businesses to keep up?

It does make it so much harder for smaller independent businesses to keep up with the retail giants. Smaller businesses don’t necessarily have the man power or capacity to offer such speedy delivery services and even next day can be quite a challenge. With big retailers offering such quick deliveries it does put a lot of pressure on these smaller retailers.

This is why retailers like TNT UK have launched a special same day delivery service. If you need to urgently send a parcel you can use their service to send a parcel 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Although, it can be costly to offer a same day service it means that if you need to offer such a service in a special occasion the option is there.

With same day delivery having so many advantages, more and more businesses are starting to move towards same day delivery and the pressures on small businesses are increasing. By making your businesses delivery options as flexible and appealing as possible to customers you’ll be able to keep up with the demands.

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